Dog Grooming Kits

Dog grooming kits are not only convenient and easy to use, they can also make the process of dog grooming less complicated and frustrating. Maybe you are looking for a simple at-home grooming kit? Or perhaps you are in need of a more comprehensive kit for grooming a show dog? Whatever your reason is to consider using a dog grooming kit, there is a product available that can meet your needs.

Dog Grooming Kit Contents

Dog owners have two options when it comes to selecting a dog grooming kit: purchasing a commercial product or creating their own. In order to select or create a dog grooming kit that will meet the needs of your dog, you should consider what your dog will need and what you can expect to find contained in a dog grooming kit. Dog grooming kits usually contain:

  • Electronic clippers
  • Different sized clipper blades (used to create different hair styles at different lengths)
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Wide bristle metal brush (used to remove hair that has been shed)
  • Short bristle brush (used to smooth out hair and produce a sleek coat appearance)
  • Flea comb
  • Ear cleanser
  • Cotton balls
  • Finger swabs for oral cleansing (a dog toothbrush and tooth paste can also be used, but some dogs will not stand for this)
  • Scented sprays
  • Nail clippers (electronic or manual)
  • Scissors (used for clipping areas that the electronic clippers cannot reach, such as around the eyes and between the toes)
  • Hemostatic agent (used to clot bleeding when toenails are cut to the quick. Commercial hemostatic agents are available, but cornmeal will work also)
  • Hairdryer (especially made for dogs. Human hairdryers can get too hot for a dog’s skin)

Commercial dog grooming kits generally contain the electronic dog clippers, along with various blade sizes, scissors and a how-to video. However, they are unlikely to contain every essential that your dog will need. So, even if you decide to purchase a dog grooming kit, you may need to add some of these other accessories.

Other Options

In order to make the dog grooming experience complete, you can also purchase some supplemental items, such as a special hand sprayer made especially for bathing dogs. This hand sprayer allows the dog owner to reach all areas of the dog’s body while bathing. Because shampoo can leave deposits of dandruff on the dog’s skin, it is important that both the shampoo and conditioner is completely rinsed off. A hand spray is an especially useful tool for this feat.

You might also consider purchasing a dog grooming table with straps. Some dogs stand very well for grooming, while others will not stay unless confined. A dog grooming table can help abate this issue by helping the dog learn to correlate the table with grooming time, thereby making the grooming experience more of a bonding moment than a fearful experience.