Dog Grooming Supplies for Home Use

There are a few basic dog grooming supplies which are recommended to all dog owners. Thousands of products are available to help keep your dog clean and healthy. Choosing those which are necessary to stock at home is not difficult.

Keeping Clean

Shampoo is an important component in an at-home grooming collection. There are a huge number of these products promising everything from making your dog sparkling white to helping ease itchy skin. A basic, low suds and chemical free shampoo is perfect to keep on hand for normal use at home. Remember that dogs should not be shampooed too frequently. Bathing once every couple of months is sufficient to ensure cleanliness.

Coat conditioners will help your dog’s fur remain shiny and soft. Be sure to rinse these products from the coat thoroughly. The selection includes those with avocado oil to promote healthy skin and coat and those with many varied scents.

If you live in an area where your dog might come into contact with a skunk, be sure to keep a quantity of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on hand to neutralize the odor if your dog is sprayed.

Equipment for Dog Grooming

Many different styles of brushes, combs and clippers are available to help you keep your dog looking good. The type you choose will depend upon your dog’s coat. For dogs with long fur, brushes with wire bristles work effectively to detangle and pull out loose fur. Dogs with short, thin coats appreciate the gentler feel of a brush with soft, natural bristles to stimulate their skin to release oil.

Clippers come in several different sizes to accommodate many coat textures. For many owners, clippers small enough to remove the hair between the dog’s foot pads are all that is necessary in the home grooming kit.

Several bathing tubs for home use are now available for the convenience of dog owners. Those which are most popular are positioned on legs which allow the person to stand upright while bathing the dog. Many homeowners are also equipping their bathrooms with hand held shower heads in order to make bathing the dog easier.

Extras for Grooming a Dog

Additional products are now on the market to assist with specialized issues. Cleansing solution for the area near the eyes is available to remove dark tear stains which appear on light-colored fur. Special ear cleaners make removing wax and debris from the dog’s ears easier.

Mouth care is an important component of at-home grooming. Brushing your dog’s teeth can help prevent many health problems. Special toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs’ use only should be used for this purpose. Never use human toothpaste to brush your dog’s teeth.

If your dog suffers from problems related to emptying her anal glands, your veterinarian can show you how to help with this issue. Most dog owners prefer to have a professional tackle this unappealing task, but it is an easy skill to learn. Disposable gloves and special odor neutralizer are necessary equipment for this job.