Timeless Dog Health Advice from Veterinarians

Dog health advice might be hard to swallow if you're not sure it comes from a reputable source. But this timeless dog health advice comes straight from veterinarians, and can help you keep your dog feeling his best all the years of his life. Know that:

  • Vaccinations are vital to your dog's health. Get your puppy vaccinated on schedule starting at six weeks of age. Yearly boosters shouldn't be neglected.
  • Yearly exams are important; Veterinarians advise owners to bring their dogs in for yearly check ups. These check ups should include dental exams and dental cleaning.
  • Proper diet and exercise are a must. Make sure your dog gets a balanced diet. This means feeding him only dog food and never table scraps! Don't feed him too many treats, either. Exercise keeps your dog healthy and feeling good. Walk him regularly, play games with him outside and teach him tricks to tone his muscles while sharpening his mind.