Dog Housebreaking Training Aids

There are many things you can use to help you with dog housebreaking. The training aids are only one part of the training, however. You'll need to learn a lot about how to train your dog and use the aids. You'll also have to practice consistency and patience in a process that can seem to be taking an eternity. You'll want to choose aids to help you train the dog, reward him for wanted elimination behaviors and cleanup when the inevitable accidents happen. Here are some great dog housebreaking training aids to consider.

House Training Pads

There are pads you can buy that will absorb urine. You can put the pad near the door to the outside or wherever else you hope your dog will eventually go to eliminate. This creates a step that approximates the desired behavior that you can reward. The pad will retain the smell of your dog's urine, thus encouraging him to go there again.

Training Crate

A good dog crate or carrier is a great investment to aid in training. Your dog won't eliminate in the crate if it's comfortable and a place where he normally sleeps and relaxes. The crate should be large enough for your dog to comfortably stand up in. Introduce your dog to the crate slowly with treats and toys. Keep your dog in the crate for only an hour per month of his age, and no more than 6 hours at a time.

Spray Deterrent

There are sprays you can buy at a pet store to deter your dog away from urinating in certain areas. These sprays can also discourage chewing. You can buy one that is totally safe for you, your pet and any children that may come into contact with it.

Enzymatic Cleaning Supplies

House training accidents are an inevitable part of this process. A dog will continue to eliminate in an undesired spot in the house if he smells the remnants of his former performance. If you clean the area with a cleaner formulated to clean up pet accidents, that smell will be totally eliminated. You'll also have a cleaner and more pleasant smelling house, and you'll be less likely to get angry when an accident happens.

Pet Door

It will be much easier to train your dog if he's able to get outside when you're not around. If it's possible to install a pet door, you can create a place where your dog can get outside. If the dog has access to this, but is blocked from getting to the rest of the house, he'll naturally go outside to eliminate. You can make this area comfortable for him while you're away for the day so that you can leave him alone for longer.

Pet Bed and Toys

While these items might be a normal part of dog raising, they are also an important part of housebreaking. When these items are placed in a crate or training room as discussed above, your dog learns where not to eliminate. A dog won't urinate or defecate where he sleeps, and these items will help him establish his sleeping area and make it enticing.