Dog Hyperactivity

Dog hyperactivity may be more common in younger dogs but may be a problem encountered in adult dogs as well. Hyperactivity may be due to several factors and may be controlled through proper training, giving the dog sufficient exercise and mental stimulation. In extreme cases, dogs will require medication treatment.

Hyperactivity in Puppies

Puppies tend to be more active than adults as they haven’t been yet trained and they are also curious and want to learn more about their environment.

Puppies are so hyperactive that they can be hardly trained; for this reason, short training sessions (up to 20 minutes) are recommended.

The puppy should become less active as he grows and gets suitable training.

Hyperactivity in Adult Dogs

Hyperactivity may be met in adult dogs, especially in some breeds. This hyperactivity is difficult to control and the dog should be allowed to spend his energy, otherwise he may become destructive.

Causes of Hyperactivity

Hyperactivity in puppies is normal, but in adults there are a few reasons the dog may be overly active:

  • The dog doesn’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation. This may be common in dogs that are left on their own and kept in crates or in small rooms for extended periods of time. When the dog gets out in a larger room, he will become very active and show excitement.
  • The dog is highly reactive; whenever the dog hears something he will be likely to announce this.
  • The dog is looking for your attention; if the dog knows that he will get your attention by jumping, barking and being active, he will act this way.
  • Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADHD): the dog is constantly moving, jumping, running in circles or barking and cannot be controlled in any way. ADHD is considered a hereditary defect and is rare. It may be diagnosed by a vet or a behaviorist.

You should establish what makes your pet hyperactive, so that you will be able to administer suitable treatment. You should analyze several factors including your dog’s environment, exercise program and behavior.

How to Deal with Hyperactivity

The treatment of hyperactivity will depend on what causes this behavior.

If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation, you should change his daily routine and try to make some time to spend with your pet.

It is important to choose your pet according to your energy level and lifestyle. There are dogs that require plenty of workout, while others can snooze all day long.

Highly reactive dogs may be trained to be more controlled.

Attention seeking dogs will require additional training, so that they will learn that being hyperactive is not an acceptable behavior.

If the dog is affected by ADHD, he should receive therapy. Check with your vet to decide on medication options.