How Long Can My Dog Stay in a Pet Carrier?

A dog pet carrier can keep your dog safe and comfortable during travel, whether you're going by land or air.

Choosing the Right Dog Carrier

Your dog can spend quite a lot of time in a pet carrier, but it will need to be of an appropriate size for his comfort. Make sure you choose a carrier that is big enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down in. It shouldn't be much bigger than that, however, a too-big carrier can be dangerous in an accident.

Preparing Your Dog for Carrier Travel

It's important to prepare your dog for traveling in a carrier, especially if your dog has never been similarly confined for long periods of time. You can do this by placing him the carrier for short periods of ten minutes, several times a day, then rewarding him for his good behavior when he emerges. If he refuses to get into the carrier, try placing his favorite toy or treat inside.

When your dog is comfortable with being confined in his carrier, take him for short trips in the car. Go around the block, increasing the length of the trip each time, and rewarding your dog for his good behavior when you're finished.

Give Your Dog Time to Stretch

How long your dog remains in his carrier depends on your travel plans. If you are traveling by air, then your dog will need to remain in his carrier for the duration of the flight, whether it be two hours or thirty. This is fine, as long as your dog's carrier is of the appropriate size.

If your are traveling by car, give your dog a chance to stretch his legs whenever you can.