Dog Potty Solutions

Dog potty solutions vary by individual family. Many owners would like their dog to go outside to relieve himself while others prefer to train with potty pads. Whatever your choice, training methods are relatively similar.

Outside Only

Depending on the age of your dog and time you spend at home, having a dog that only relieves himself outdoors may not be possible right away. Since a puppy can only hold it for a few hours, he may not be able to wait until you get home to go outside. However, adult dogs can easily do this and should learn, if that's your preference.

Dogs can even learn to go in only one area of the yard; however, this takes a dedication by the owner. To teach this, it requires leading your dog on leash to the chosen spot each time you believe he needs to relieve himself. Once he does, reward and then give yard freedom. Your dog can only be in the yard unsupervised after this is properly trained.


If you don't have a yard but would prefer that your puppy learn to relieve himself on grass, purchasing a grass-like substance to serve as a litter box is your best option. Many puppies that learn to pee on potty pads don't know they can also use grass. This removes this confusion.

There are many options available at pet stores and outdoor stores from boxes of sod to grass substitutes. There are even companies, depending on your location, that will come to your house to switch out the grass substance weekly so that the smell doesn't become overwhelming.

This can provide an excellent option if you only have an outdoor patio and don't want to walk your dog each time he needs to relieve himself.

Potty Pads or Newspaper

The traditional way to potty train puppies was to use newspaper when owners weren't home to take them out. This is becoming less popular since there are so many other options on the market and owners fear that their dogs will only learn to relieve themselves on newspaper.

One such option is the potty pad, which claims to attract dogs with its odor. However, this can also mean that your puppy may enjoy using it as a chew toy!

The best use of potty pads is in an x-pen or small room where your dog is confined during the day. This will allow him to have an option other than carpet or tile. When using these, you do run the risk that they will become a permanent, rather than temporary solution.

Dog Litter Boxes

In addition to sod boxes, many companies have now capitalized on the doggy litter box theme by providing many options, such as gravel, synthetic grass, wood pellets and compressed pellets. All of these boxes have drainage systems underneath that need to be changed and come in stylish designs so they can easily blend with your patio.

The options available for a dog potty have expanded from newspaper to almost any option imaginable. Individual owners just have to decide which option best meets the needs of their family.