Using Dog House Training Pads

Dog house training can be difficult, especially if you work a full day and can't get home to take your dog out. Thus, training pads can provide your dog with a proper place to relieve himself when necessary.

Types of Training Pads

Twenty years ago, there was one option for training pads: newspaper. Today, there are many varieties, all making various claims about the effectiveness of their product.

The basic training pads consist of an absorbent, cloth-like layer and a plastic layer to prevent the urine from spilling out and making a mess on the floor. Many of these pads also have a special scent that attract your dog so little training is required.

More complex options include sod boxes and indoor potties, which are more permanent options. Sod boxes mimic grass and are a great option if you desire your dog to eventually only relieve himself outside. Indoor potties are similar to training pads but are more permanent, utilizing plastic, sturdy structures and pads that can be replaced between accidents.

Training with Potty Pads

Training with potty pads is the same as any type of house training. It's important to anticipate when your dog needs to go and lead him to the correct place. Punishing after the fact isn't effective. Don't allow your not house-trained puppy to roam freely through the house. Keep him nearby so you can lead him to the proper place.

Use a leash, just as you would if you were leading your dog outside. This will allow you to keep your dog on the potty pad, further preventing mistakes.

Once your dog relieves himself on the pad, praise and reward him. This will increase the chance he will do it correctly the next time.

Place the pads in places that are convenient for your dog. If he has had accidents in the house, pick places that your dog naturally chooses. While you are gone, create an area for your dog just big enough for a bed, a little walking room and a potty pad. This will increase chances that your dog will choose the potty pad while you are not supervising as well.

Combination House Training

Puppies are strongly influenced by their first potty training experiences, so puppies who have been trained on potty pads may be reluctant to relieve themselves outside. If you want your dog to eventually relieve himself outside, be sure to practice outside as well.

If your puppy really needs to go, this training won't be difficult. When it's time, lead your dog outside as often as possible. Practice indoors only occasionally. Praise and reward each time your dog is successful.

If your dog is constantly supervised or in his small area, he won't have the opportunity to make mistakes and will always relieve himself in the appropriate place, wherever that may be. Then, he will comfortable relieving himself anywhere you allow him to go.

This is not necessary if you only what your dog to relieve himself on potty pads. Many small dog owners select this route, which is very successful. As your dog gets older, he won't need to be confined and will seek out the potty pad when he needs to go.