Dog Throws Up Every Morning

If you notice that your dog throws up nearly every morning, there is likely some sort of gastrointestinal disturbance or issue that is causing him to experience this problem. Unfortunately for your diagnostic process, dogs tend to vomit quite regularly and for a number of different reasons, many of which are not particularly serious. However, regular and predictable vomiting is typically a sign of one of several different types of issues that you may be able to address in different ways. Read on for a few potential possibilities of the cause of your dog's vomiting each morning.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

One of the most common causes of frequent and regular vomiting is inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD. This condition can develop in dogs for a number of different reasons and is indicated by gastric immobility. The dog's system is notable to adequately process different foods in a normal way. Therefore, when he wakes up or becomes active after resting for a good period of time, his body tends to reject whatever is in his stomach, and he throws up. Inflammatory bowel disease can be combated in several different ways, though your vet will need to diagnose it first. Most commonly, you'll need to alter your pet's diet and perhaps give him extra supplements and medicines.


Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. It occurs more commonly in large dogs, and can cause your pet to vomit up yellow colored bile each morning or when he first becomes active in the day. Pancreatitis is not necessarily in itself a very dangerous problem, but it does require that you involve your veterinarian in the diagnostic process so that you can be sure that you correctly address the issue. Your dog may display other symptoms as well, including weakness, lethargy, decreased appetite and more.


Colitis is another form of gastric distress that impedes your dog's ability to process food in a normal way. He may develop intestinal problems that result in regular vomiting, diarrhea, excessive flatulence and more. Colitis is typically caused by an inflammation of certain parts of your pet's bowel system that is a result of the food that he eats. oftentimes, this is due to your pet eating non-food items from the outdoors, so it's good to monitor your pet closely while he's outside.

When you've identified the problem that has caused your pet to vomit every morning, you can work with your veterinarian to help reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Take the following measures to reduce the chances of this happening:

  • Begin by avoiding the temptation to feed your pet any scraps of food from your table. Human food is much too rich and contains many ingredients that may be damaging to your pet's already sensitive bowels and digestive system.
  • Reduce his diet to include only plain dog food, yogurt and any other items as suggested by your vet.
  • If the problem is more serious, look into treating your pet's condition with medicine or with other supplements as well.