Dogs vs. Cats as Pets

Many people find themselves in a debate between the most common choices of dogs and cats as pets. Regardless of the candidates, it is best to consider what kind of lifestyle the pet will need to fit into. 

Lifestyle Factors to Consider

Maintaining a happy home with a new pet will happen as long as people involved take important factors into consideration. The work schedule, social lifestyle, housing, finances and the individual's personality are all key factors to look at. The pet owner's energy level and health need to be taken into account. For example, if someone has heath issues that impede their ability to exercise a pet, then a dog may not be a good choice, since daily walks are a necessity. 

Pros and Cons of Cats as Pets

Living with a cat allows freedom to keep a relaxed schedule. Cats can be free-fed, and left with a litterbox can be on their own for a day. They are happy with or without a human to play with them and are very good at keeping themselves amused. As long as basic needs are met, cats are easy pets to care for and not expensive to feed. Depending on the breed of cat, care may become a bigger issue, especially with long haired breeds that will require regular grooming. Cats can be destructive by clawing woodwork and furniture. A scratch post will help reduce or end this unwanted behavior. The owner will most certainly want to have the cat spayed or neutered to prevent spraying and making the home smell of musk and urine.

Pros and Cons of Dogs as Pets

Dogs are very social animals and therefore provide their owners with the possibility of increasing their own social network, by taking the dog to the park or on a walk. Routines need to be in place for a dog so they understand their place in the household, or the dog will assume the role of pack leader. Canines come in a wide variety, and with so many breeds a person should be able to find one that really appeals to them. Even though dogs do require training and care, they offer loyalty, love and companionship with no strings attached.  Spending time with a dog can be a joy, and interaction through training or play is a wonderful reward and creates an unbreakable bond for all.

Dogs vs. Cats as Pets

Overall, the choice is what fits best into the person's schedule and general lifestyle. People with little time or with a laidback attitude in general are better suited to cats as pets, and those who are physically active are probably going to enjoy dog ownership more. Consider all aspects of lifestyle when entering into pet ownership. Ask friends who have pets about their experiences and spend time with their pets, or volunteer at a local animal shelter or vet clinic before making the final decision. After all, adding a pet to the home is a long term and hopefully enjoyable complement to the family.