Choosing Between Cats and Dogs for Pets

People love both cats and dogs as pets. Which is best for you depends on your personality, your age, your finances, your lifestyle, and how much time you have for the animal.

Cats or Dogs as Pets Depending on Owner Personality

If you want to be greeted with five to 125 pounds of exuberance when you come home from work every day, and then head outside for a thirty for sixty minute walk, choose a dog. If you prefer a quieter greeting, choose a cat. Dogs require more time and attention than a cat, and not always at opportune times. Cats have more independent personalities than dogs in general, and are more suited for human owners who do not want the constant affections of a dog. Keep in mind that these are generalities and certain breeds and individuals of dogs and cats be more independent or dependent. The important thing is to think about your own personality and do some research into breeds to find the right fit. You are making a long-term commitment to the animal.

Physical Demands of Pet Ownership

Cats generally weigh less than fifteen pounds, and a cat crate can easily be placed into any size car. Toy-size dog breeds weigh as much or sometimes less than cats and the crates are small and manageable. If you choose an adult dog then you can see their size and judge whether you are capable of carrying and loading the animal into your car. If you are looking at puppies, ask to see the parents to judge if you can physically manage the logistics of transporting in your vehicle. Once you have ascertained the size of the mature adult, find out the appropriate crate size and measure your car to be sure the crate will fit. A crate or other restraining device is mandatory for transporting a pet. If you come to a sudden stop the animal can be killed or injured if loose in the car, or injure you and your passengers if launched through the car.Finally, emergency response workers are more likely to remove a crated animal from an accident scene than a loose one.

Consider Your Finances

There is no such thing as a free cat or dog. Dogs are more expensive pet for several reasons: one is the need for daily exercise.You can't travel without kenneling the dog or hiring a dog-sitter. Cats need fed and the litter box scooped, but this does not require the time or expertise that a dog does. Dogs also require basic obedience training and regular bathing. Cats groom themselves.A fourth expense is a crate, restraining device or barrier to keep both you and the dog safe while driving.

Comparing veterinary costs between dogs and cats depends on geographical location and lifestyle of the animal; however dogs edge cats out because of the increased costs involved with worming, and the general larger body weight of a dog.Both cats and dogs require four basic core vaccinations as well as monthly flea control, and worming.

Consider How Often You Travel

If you enjoy spontaneous vacations then a cat would be a preferable pet. If you have travel frequently for your job or work long hours that preclude the exercise needs of a dog, then a cat would be the better choice.

Pets Require Your Time and Attention

Time is the most important factor in determine whether to bring a dog or cat into your life. With a dog, factor in 30 to 60 minutes a day for daily exercise, as well as feeding, and picking up the feces. Dogs are more needy animals, less able to amuse themselves, and will get into mischief when bored. Puppies in particular demand much of your day, and can not be left unmonitored.

A dog or a cat can bring so much unconditional love that it is hard to have to make any choice at all.However, the more honest you are with yourself about these five aspects of your life, the more enjoyment you will get from your pet.