Easy to Train Cat Breeds

When it comes to comparing cats and dogs, you'll find that you can train cat behavior much more easily than you can train a dog. This is due to a number of different qualities and differences between these two types of animals. Generally speaking, cats are very intelligent and learn through a process of problem solving, imitation and experimentation. Dogs are a bit more single minded and will tend to not be able to sort out a problem on their own unless you've shown them how to do it first. Still, while cats in general are easier to train than dogs, there are a few breeds of cats in particular that are easier to train than others.

Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are widely regarded as some of the most playful and intelligent of all cats. They routinely score the highest among cat breeds in terms of their problem solving abilities and their overall intelligence. This high intelligence makes them excellent companions and means that they also have a very high capacity for training. However, along with that intelligence often comes a stubborn nature that can impede your training procedures and make it much harder to train the cat properly. With proper techniques and a diligent mindset, you can train a Siamese cat in a wide variety of different ways.

Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinians cats are likewise very intelligent and easy to train. They tend to be more friendly toward people and children in particular than Siamese cats are. This can make them a very good cat for a house with a lot of children. In such a family environment, a cat may need to have a stricter set of boundaries and rules to follow in order to stay out of harm's way and to ensure that all of the people and animals live peacefully in one single area. That is why Abyssinians are a very popular choice for an easy to train cat for families.

Persian Cats

Persian cats have long hair and a number of very attractive features that endear them to people. They are beautiful in appearance and are very friendly. They tend to also be quite easy to train. Although it's debatable as to whether their intelligence on average matches up with Siamese or Abyssinian cats, Persian cats are very obedient and will tend to follow your commands anyway. This makes them a great candidate for behavior training and other modes of training.

Each individual cat will respond to training differently, just as each cat will have a unique level of intelligence and personality type. For more specific information about training your breed of cat or even your animal in particular, consult with a veterinarian or with a breeder or trainer for more information and assistance. Always reward your cat properly as you train in order to achieve the best results.