Cat Personality by Breed

Before you choose a cat, you might want to research favored cat personality traits. While some cat breeds are vocal and independent, other breeds may demand a lot of affection. You may love the look of a Siamese, but some have destructive cat behavior if left alone.

The five most popular cat breeds have cat traits that make them unique. Discover if the cat of your dreams will match your expectations.

Persian Cat Personality Traits

If you have time for grooming, a Persian is a loving cat breed that loves to spend time on his owner's lap. His long hair does require frequent brushing and detangling. In addition, after a trip to the litter box some feces may get caught in hair, a trait that turns many off. Persians are not overly active and love to be handled. If you want a cat who likes to sit around while you watch TV, a Persian is a great choice.

Maine Coon

Larger than most breeds, Maine Coons eat well and love spending time outside. They are outstanding mousers and easily take care of the stray rodent that makes its way into your home. They also have a habit of trying to get outside so that they can quench their hunting urge.

Maine Coon cats have silky coats that do not shed as much as one would think. Mats can occur, so periodic brushing is recommended. They love cuddling, on their schedule, and can be quite demanding when they want attention.

The Maine Coon's personality tends to involve bonding closely with his family or owner. This is not a cat that will easily adjust to being uprooted and thrown into a new family situation. They do love their toys, so have plenty on hand and don't be surprised when they destroy their favorite catnip toy in a matter of weeks and need a new one.

Exotic Cat's Personality and Traits

An exotic is related to and resembles the Persian, but has a short coat. Upkeep of the cat's fur is minimal; a good thing since they lack the patience for frequent brushing.

Exotic cats are friendly with children and don't mind being confined to the limits of a small apartment. They make great indoor cats and generally do not show huge interest in darting out the door.

Siamese Cat Traits

Siamese cat personality traits stand out. They are mouthy and love to tell you what they are thinking. Whether they want attention or simply need to tell you their litter box needs cleaning, Siamese cats will be extremely vocal.

The short hair on a Siamese sheds minimally and a daily brushing usually limits the amount of hair on sofas and clothing. They do tend to have problems with urinary tract infections, so keeping your kitten on a canned food diet helps prevent future problems.

Cat Traits of the Abyssinian

Egyptians worshiped Abyssinian cats and you often see the breed in Egyptian artwork. The cats do not grow to be particularly large. They are extremely graceful with an angular head and have prominent eyes. Long, muscular bodies seem sleek and the cats have a graceful walk during activity. Activity is a must for Abyssinians. Their key cat personality trait is extreme curiosity. They love exploring high places.

Abyssinian cats love cat trees and spend time jumping from the tree to other lofty places. They tend to bond closely with one owner or family member. Those with children will need to help remind their kids to close cupboards, doors and windows or the cat's explorations may extend beyond the limits of your home.