Electronic Dog Training Aids

Dog training aids can be very helpful in ensuring that your pet learns how to behave himself. If you find that standard training equipment and techniques are not working properly for your pet, or if your training sessions seem to be ineffective and are causing you frustration, consider looking into innovative new technologies. Electronic training aids are relatively new to the market and are gaining in popularity. They offer a number of potential benefits over standard training methods like pinch and choke collars. Although they are more expensive, they are often better suited to a variety of pets than the more traditional methods.

Benefits of Electronic Dog Training Aids

One of the major benefits of an electronic dog training aid has to do with the fact that a dog's response time is crucially important for his overall training. If your pet is engaging in a negative behavior and you wish to reprimand him for it, it's vital that you catch your pet and admonish him while he is continuing to engage in that act. It is only through this direct connection that you can firmly establish the link in his mind between the action and the response. If you admonish or punish him even a couple of seconds after he has stopped, he'll likely be confused and will not have successfully gained knowledge of the fact that the two are linked causally.

Electronic training collars have the distinct advantage over non-electronic collars of giving you a much faster response time. No matter where you are in the vicinity of your dog, you can admonish him quickly and effectively by using the training collar as soon as you notice that he's doing something wrong. This alone can cut down on training time and make the process much easier to go through.

Electronic Collars

There are a variety of different electronic collars that will help to train your pet. Most of these collars have some sort of a box that contains batteries and a small shock generator. When you activate the collar via a remote of some kind, the collar sends your dog a brief jolt that is designed to alarm him. This jolt will not cause him pain, but it's typically enough to get him to stop whatever action he was doing just previously.

Invisible Fences

For dogs with behavior problems that involve running outside in dangerous areas or escaping from the confines of your home and property, invisible fences are great dog training aids. You can give your pet a collar that is linked with a signal perimeter around your property. If your pet leaves that perimeter, the collar will shock him or emit a very high pitched sound which causes him distress and helps to teach him that he should stay within a certain area around the home, in order to avoid further punishment.