Remote Dog Training Devices

Dog training devices are very helpful when you start training your dog. There are several types of dog training devices on the market; some of them help you control your dog’s barking while others reinforce positive actions and discourage undesirable behaviors. Remote dog training devices generally consist of a collar and a remote control. They help you control your dog’s behavior even if you are not in your immediate vicinity.

Remote Dog Training Devices

If you want to train your dog yourself, remote dog training devices can be of help. They usually consist of a collar associated with a remote control. You can choose between electronic collars or spray training collars. The remote control is used by the owner to transmit positive or negative stimulus to the dog depending on the behavior the dog manifests. The remote control has typically 2 buttons, each corresponding to a specific action: reward or punishment.  

Remote dog training devices are an efficient way to stop your dog from:

  • chasing cars
  • digging
  • trashing the garbage bin
  • whatever other behavior you consider bothersome

Given that some devices are effective up to a few hundred yards, you do not need to chase your dog all the time. You can just sit, watch his behavior and decide whether you want to reinforce it or punish him.

Dogs only respond to training after a few sessions. Remote training can start when your dog is around 5 months old. Remote training should be preceded by basic commands and fundamental training.

Electronic Collars

Electronic training collars work with batteries and they send a low intensity level electrical shock to the dog. You should only activate the collar to make the dog refrain from an unwanted behavior. The shock released by the collar is not meant to cause pain, but to startle your pet. In time, your dog will associate the bad behavior with the discomfort produced by the collar and will refrain from doing it.

Spray Collars

If you want to avoid using electronic collars, you can choose spray collars. The collar has a spraying device attached to it. The device releases a burst of spray when you want to interrupt undesirable actions. The burst of spray is meant to startle your dog. The remote control has different buttons for short and long sprays. The remote control has a button which makes the collar release a pleasant sound, which can be used to reinforce positive behavior. During the first training sessions you can use this tone together with treats to reinforce positive behavior.

Safety When Using Electronic Dog Training Devices

Remote training devices are considered safe. However, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian if you decide to use electronic training collars. You should make sure that the intensity level of the electrical shock is not too high for your dog.

You should choose the collar size that fits your dog best. If the collar is too large, the dog might attempt to take it off. It could also get caught and strangle your dog. If the collar is too tight it might cause discomfort and injuries. Generally, collars are waterproof so your dog will not be injured if he gets wet.