How Electronic Dog Training Collars Work

Electronic dog training collars are useful tools that are used by professional dog trainers to train pets and make them more obedient. Electronic training collars come with a remote control. Each dog collar varies in terms of its functions or features. While some collars emit a mild static pulse, others beep or vibrate when they’re activated. Although these collars are meant for training purposes they are often misused or overused. You should bear in mind the pros and cons of using this device before you purchase it for your pet.

Using a Dog Training Collar

If your dog exhibits certain undesirable behaviors or if he doesn’t listen to your commands when you take him outdoors you may have to use a training collar in order to alter these undesirable behaviors. The moment your pet does something undesirable, you need to press the button that’s provided on the remote and your dog will instantly sense a mild static pulse. Over a period of time the dog will learn to associate this static pulse with his undesirable behavior and this will stop your dog from behaving badly or disobeying you.

In order for the electronic training collar to be effective, you need to activate the collar as soon as the bad behavior happens. If you activate the button at the wrong time, your pet will get confused. Most electronic training collars have a range of nearly 1,000 yards. Even if your pet does something undesirable while he’s away from you (but within the range) you will be able to use the collar to alter his behavior.

Tips for Using the Training Collar:

  • The electronic training collar shouldn’t be used on pets that are under 6 months of age.
  • To alter your pet’s behavior you need to be consistent in your training.
  • Don’t try to change two or more behaviors at the same time. This can be confusing for the dog and the training will have no effect.
  • Don’t misuse the collar and make sure that the device is handled by responsible adults.
  • If your dog shows signs of aggressive behavior, don’t use the collar to change his behavior. You need to conduct a vet check and then seek the help of a professional trainer if required.
  • Buy and use a collar that’s suited to your pet’s size. The collar shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Also read the instructions that come with the collar before you use it on your pet.

Features of Electronic Training Collars

Electronic training collars are made of soft material and can be adjusted around the dog’s neck. The remote control that comes along with collar works on batteries. Although each manufacturer creates different collars with varied features, most collars feature multiple levels of correction. You should start with the lowest level of correction to determine your pet’s response to the static pulse. Alternatively, program the collar to set off a specific tone upon activation.

Since these tones distract other animals living in the same household, try to use the collar and train your pet when he isn’t amidst other animals.

Electronic training collars should be used in conjunction with other methods of behavior training. You could also consider bringing home a professional trainer to alter your dog’s behavior if you can’t do it on your own.