Enzymes for Dogs

Enzymes for dogs are proteins that come from living cells and are provided to the body either by natural creation within the digestive system, or by the consumption of proper and healthy foods. Enzymes help to speed up, initiate or repair certain functions of the body.

Energy function, tissues, hormone function and the digestion process all require enzymes for full functionality. Over time, or because of infection or disease, enzymes can be destroyed. Additionally, cooked and processed food does not properly contribute, as enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process. Enzymes for dogs, usually in powder form, can be purchased through a local pet store or online.

Dangers of Enzyme Depletion

When the natural enzymes in your dog's body are depleted, or if the dog isn't receiving proper enzymes from its food, the digestive system will need to work overtime. Eventually, the digestive system weakens and nutrients will not longer be absorbed properly. Digestive problems may result causing gas, bloating and sluggishness. As time goes by, dogs may experience bad breath, body odor and diarrhea. Enzyme depletion can cause the immune system to weaken leading to numerous problems that may seem unrelated. Cancer, arthritis, skin disease and allergies may develop.

Benefits of Enzymes for Dogs

There are many additional benefits of supplementing a dog's diet with enzymes. In addition to boosting the health of the immune system, and relieving the digestive tract of undue stress, enzymes can decrease the risk of toxin build-up which can lead to numerous problems. Supplementing with enzymes also increases T-cells that fight cancer, promotes weight loss and decreases a dog's need to eat stool. Older dogs, dogs undergoing stressful situations, and those which are fed cooked or processed foods can also benefit greatly. Enzymes enhance absorption of antioxidants responsible for keeping the thyroid healthy. It's recommended to give enzymes to dogs with hypothyroidism.

Enzyme Supplements for Dogs

Enzymes for dogs usually come in the form of a powder than can be mixed with food. Extensive research has been done to be sure enzymes for dogs are healthy. It has been reported that no side effects should be experienced as enzymes are all-natural and an organic addition necessary for proper digestion. Dogs of any age and of any physical condition can be supplemented. Enzyme supplements should include the following ingredients:

  • Amylase - this enzyme is present in saliva and also produced by the pancreas. It's responsible for breaking down starch and carbohydrates into sugar, which is then converted into glucose to provide the body with necessary energy.
  • Lipase - this enzyme is responsible for digesting, transporting and processing fats, oils and triglycerides. This process forms fatty acids which are responsible for keeping many of the bodily functions and organs operating properly.
  • Cellulase - this enzyme helps to hydrolyze cellulose, which is an indigestible fiber.
  • Protease - this enzyme is involved in the process of simple digestion, as well as more complex breakdown of certain proteins into amino acids.