10 Essential Dog Cleaning Supplies

With the right dog cleaning equipment, you can keep your house and car clean and fresh smelling, without limiting your dog to one room and no family trips. Even well trained dogs may occasionally have an accident or throw up on the rug. A good stain remover and odor remover are essential. Many dogs shed, so you'll also want a good pet hair remover for your furniture and clothes. An allergen remover and the proper grooming supplies will help you stay healthy while maintaining your dog's skin and fur.

Pet Stain Remover

You can find a stain remover that will make doghouse cleaning easy and effective. The best type includes enzymes that actually interact biologically with the stain and lift it off the carpet or furniture. Make sure to test the product on a hidden area of the carpet or furniture before applying it on a more visible area. You may need a separate product for carpets and furniture.
Pet Odor Remover

There are several ways to cope with pet odors, such as those associated with accidents or just the general aroma a dog can leave. Keeping your dog clean and groomed helps, but sometimes you'll want a good odor remover for accidents and the air. Many of the products that really remove stains will also remove the odor associated with the stain. There are sprays that will actually remove the odors from the air, versus just covering them up with perfume. Make sure to use a product that is safe and non-allergenic for people and pets.

Pet Hair Remover

There are simple and cheap ways to remove pet hair from clothes and furniture. You can invest in a commercial pet hair remover, which is usually a roller with a sticky surface that you can use on many surfaces and clothes. Wrapping wide tape around your hand, sticky side up, often does a good job. You can also take a slightly damp mop and mop your carpet. The small amount of water will lift the hair right off the carpet. This can also work with a slightly damp sponge on furniture, provided it's not leather. Remember to test on a hidden area first.

Grooming Supplies

Investing in several good grooming supplies will help your dog's skin and fur stay healthy, and it will reduce the amount of allergens your dog produces. The following items make dog cleaning simple and effective:

  • A good hard wire dog brush
  • Oatmeal shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • A grooming table and harness

Another important dog grooming tool is a washing glove or brush that really will remove the dead hair and skin. An allergen remover, usually in the form of a spray, will keep your house and car clean and smelling fresh.