Features of a Cat Toilet Training Kit

End litter box changes with a cat toilet training kit. Teaching your cat to use the toilet helps the environment and eliminates smelly litter boxes from your home. It's easy to teach a cat to use your toilet if you purchase a kit with important features that simplify the training process.

Every year, thousands of pounds of unsanitary kitty litter makes its way into landfills. Experts believe that in one year, just one cat goes through more than 400 pounds of cat litter. The cat feces and urine leaches into the soil causing pollution and contamination.

In addition, the silica dust and chemicals use in many commercial kitty litters is found to be harmful to cats. Respiratory problems are common in cats exposed to dusty litters.

How a Cat Toilet Training Kit Works

The main component of a cat toilet training kit is a litter tray that fits under your toilet seat. Placing litter into the tray signals to your cat that his litter box is now located there. You'll start out letting him use the litter tray with the toilet seat raised so that the litter tray is fully exposed. As he becomes accustomed to using the litter tray, most trays have rings you remove one at a time. Each time the litter tray reduces in size, the cat becomes accustomed to hearing his urine or feces hitting the water.

Eventually, your cat goes directly into the toilet. Once he's done going to the bathroom and has left the bathroom, you flush the toilet.

Features to Look for in a Cat Toilet Training Kit

The cat toilet training kit you choose should have removable rings. If the kit only includes a tray that is eventually removed, the cat will be scared of the noise his urine or feces makes as it hits the water. Getting him gradually acclimated to the sound is important.

Any cat toilet training kit must be strong enough to hold your cat's weight. Larger breeds like Maine Coons often outweigh other breeds. Make sure the kit you purchase is suitable for larger cats. If your toilet training kit collapses under the cat's weight and the cat falls into the toilet, any training you've completed will be wasted effort because the cat will now fear the toilet.

Most training kits fit standard sized toilets, but it's best to make sure. Before purchasing a kit, take measurements of the rim of your toilet bowl and the width across at the widest point. Make sure the kit will fit those exact measurements.

Types of Kitty Litter that Suit Cat Toilet Training Kits

You can use any kitty litter while training your cat. In fact, it's best to use your cat's preferred brand. Dust-free varieties will help keep your bathroom cleaner. Be prepared to sweep up kitty litter that tracks onto the bathroom floor.

Eventually, you'll no longer have to pay for kitty litter again saving money and the environment. In just a few months, the money you save on kitty litter pays for the toilet training kit.