The Toilet Trained Cat: Myth or Fact?

Having a toilet trained cat in your house eliminates the need to clean messy litter boxes. However, toilet training a cat requires patience. Some cats never take to toilet training, but others will if you take time.

Changing a Cat's Bathroom Behavior

From the time he is a kitten, litter boxes are the only permissible outlet for going to the bathroom. Training a feline in his kitten years is most effective, but adults can become toilet-trained cats in time.

Always start by moving the litter box to the side of the toilet. Once the cat is accustomed to the box being next to the toilet, add a box that raises the litter box to the level of the toilet. Finally, place the litter box onto the toilet lid and secure it with tape.

The Final Steps in Toilet Training Your Cat

Once the cat is regularly using the litter box on the toilet, remove the litter and cut a small hole in the litter box that exposes the toilet. Sprinkle a small amount of septic-safe kitty litter in the pan. As the cat continues to use the litter box, make the hole larger and larger and reduce the amount of litter.

Once the hole is the size of the toilet bowl, remove the litter box. Your toilet-trained cat may hesitate at first, but once he is comfortable with his balance, he'll use the toilet every time.