Features of Dog Grooming Bath Tubs

Research prices and features before buying a dog grooming bath. With many baths on the market, it helps to know the features pet owners find most useful and those that really waste your time and cash.

Choosing the Best Size for a Dog Grooming Bath

A dog grooming bath must be well proportioned to fit your largest dog. The bath must be able to withstand the weight of your dog. If the dog is heavier than the maximum weight, the tub could collapse causing injury to both you and your pet.

Your dog should be able to comfortably sit and stand in the bathtub. If it's too short, he'll feel cramped and grow to dislike bath time. If he's comfortable in the tub, he's far more likely to remain well behaved while you wash him.

Features You Need in a Dog Grooming Bath

The best dog grooming bath will have a bathing restraint that connects a short leash to the dog's neck. This prevents the dog from jumping out of the bath while your hands are occupied. Make sure the leash is short enough that the dog cannot reach the edge of the tub. If he reaches the edge and tries to jump out, strangulation is a possibility.

For heavy dogs, a tall tub with a lowered opening makes it easier to get the dog in and out of the bathtub. Many of these tubs are crafted from heavy-duty plastic and contain drain plugs for quick water draining. They're usually intended for outdoor use, though some have a drain screen in the drain plug. This screen catches hair allowing you to drain it into your tub or washing machine drain pipe.

Storage racks on the side of the grooming bath are helpful if you have separate shampoos, conditioners and other rinses. You'll have everything within easy reach.

Look at grooming baths that have hand-held shower heads for easier rinsing. Many systems offer a hand-held shower head that connects to your garden hose or faucet. Rinsing with a shower head is much easier and faster than refilling cups with clean water.

Portable pet grooming baths sometimes have ramp systems to help the dog get into the bath. If your dog is lightweight, lifting him into a tub won't be a problem, but for heavier dogs, a ramp is extremely useful.

Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Grooming Tubs for Dogs

Stainless steel dog grooming tubs are designed for professional groomers, but some pet owners find them beneficial. The stainless steel grooming tubs set up in a basement or mud room and connect right to a water source like your washing machine faucets. They frequently have cabinets above the bath for all of your important grooming supplies.

Plastic grooming tubs for dogs are usually lightweight and portable. You can store it in a closet or garage in between baths. Plastic grooming tubs usually have rubber grips on the legs to prevent the bath from moving while a dog shifts. In addition, they offer non-slip flooring in the tub to keep your dog from sliding around.