Using Cat Grooming Gloves

Using cat grooming gloves is not overly complicated, but owners should take note of the proper method in order to use them correctly and effectively.

The Benefits of Cat Grooming Gloves

Grooming gloves allow cat owners to have one-on-one bonding experiences with their cats as they groom them. Similar to petting an animal, the gloves require the owner to move their hands across the cat in a calming motion. The flexible rubber bristles on the gloves grab loose hairs and dead skin as they comb through the cat's coat, keeping it well-oiled, silky and free of tangles. The bristles help to give the cat a relaxing massage as well. Proper grooming cuts back on the number of hairballs a cat may get.

Using the Gloves

An owner can groom a cat wearing either one or two grooming gloves. Fasten the hook-and-loop fasteners around the wrist so that the gloves remain tightly in place. Make sure the cat is comfortable; rushing at or grabbing the cat may scare her away. Sit in a comfortable chair and begin grooming her when she's willing to be petted.

Pet the cat with the glove, making sure to give her slow, gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth. Because the rubber bristles are soft, rubbing the cat nearly anywhere should be safe, but do not rub her eyes, ears, muzzle or genital area with the gloves.

Owners can also use the grooming gloves when giving their cat a bath. Most grooming gloves are safe for water use. First, wet the gloves. Squeeze a quarter-size drop of cat-safe shampoo onto the rubber bristles and then place the gloves on and tighten them with the hook-and-loop fasteners. If possible, rinse the cat with warm, but not hot, water. Use the gloves to brush the cat in slow, gentle strokes in circular motions, being careful to avoid the sensitive areas of her body. The cat should be lathered in soap. Rinse the cat with water.

Cleaning the Gloves

Many cat grooming gloves are machine washable. Pick out the excess fur clumps and toss them away before throwing the gloves in the washing machine. Owners can also clean the gloves by soaking them in a tub of soap and water. Because of the rubber bristles, do not put the gloves in the dryer, and instead allow them to air dry.

Cleaning Furnishings and Fabrics

Most cat grooming gloves are also safe for picking hair off of soft materials, such as sheets, blankets, clothes, car interiors, carpet, rugs and upholstered furniture. Wear the gloves and then run the bristles over the fabrics in quick, short motions. Cat fur should accumulate on the gloves. Before using them on pets again, however, make sure to wash the gloves in a washing machine or in a tub of soap and water.

Cat grooming gloves are multipurpose tools that owners can use to groom and bond with their cats, as well as clean the fur that cats leave behind around the home. Learning how to properly use the gloves will ensure that the cat is safe and properly groomed during the procedure.