A Guide to Flea and Tick Control Methods

Proper flea and tick control can improve your pet's quality of life, prevent illnesses and reduce the spread of parasites. Recent advancements in flea medications have made the products safer and more effective.

Topical Products

Topical products to control cat and dog fleas are applied to the skin, usually once a month. These products affect the flea's nerve receptors. Existing flea populations are killed quickly and protection lasts several weeks.

Tips On Topicals: Some products kill ticks, others do not.

Warning: Topical dog and cat flea products are not interchangeable. Use only as directed.

Oral Flea Control Products

Available for dogs and cats, oral products are administered monthly. Oral products are safe and effective, and some offer additional protection against ear mites and heartworm.

Warning: Because this product is taken internally, some cats or dogs may experience some mild stomach upset. Be sure to use the proper dose for your pet's weight and again-do not use products formulated for dogs on your cat.