How to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are common parasites that reside in cats and dogs. They feed on the pets' blood and may cause infections and anemia in puppies or kittens. If you want to know how to get rid of fleas effectively, you need to follow a few steps and measure your treatment options to kill fleas.

Dog Fleas and Cat Fleas Treatment Methods

Dog fleas and cat fleas treatment options are similar. The most frequently used cures for fleas are flea drops, flea sprays, flea collars and shampoos. There are also a several natural and holistic treatment options used to kill fleas. People usually use two or more methods in conjunction to ensure that the fleas are gone.

Flea collars are highly efficient. However, it is recommended to use flea baths as well. Get a flea shampoo that will kill the parasites and prevent your pet's skin from getting dry. Some people prefer sprays or powders instead of flea shampoo. Observe if your pet has any irritations to the products that you are using and signal any changes to your vet. Some cats or dogs may be allergic to flea shampoos or powders, as these contain insecticides. Opt for a formula that takes care of your pet's problems and doesn't create new ones.

Homemade remedies for fleas are also available: eucalyptus leaves are good flea repellents. Use eucalyptus essence on your pet's skin. Borax is another natural ingredient that may help you eliminate fleas.

Fleas in Carpet Treatment

Fleas can live in your carpets for a long time after you have disinfected your pets. To prevent the re-infestation, you need to get rid of the fleas in your carpets. Wipe the carpets clean. Use detergents to make sure you get rid of all the fleas in the carpet. Chemicals should burn the fleas. Make sure to restrict your pet's access to the carpets for a few hours or even a day to prevent possible allergies caused by harsh chemicals. However, there are certain flea mutants that are immune to chemicals. Talk to a vet to find the most effective carpet treatment.

Fleas may be also present in drapes, cushions or couches. Clean these to ensure that your house is free from fleas.

Clean Your Garden

If your pets spend a lot of time in the garden, it is advisable to clean your garden as part of the anti-flea treatment. Fleas are difficult to get rid of, due to their long lifecycle. Fleas have 6 stages of development and they may be present in your garden. Use some chemicals or alternative natural solutions to eliminate the fleas in your garden. Sometimes it will be difficult to clean the entire garden. Also, if your pet spends time in a park, you won't be able to clean the area.

There are three stages in getting rid of fleas: clean your pet, clean your house and clean the garden and environments where your dog spends a lot of time. If you follow these steps you will be able to have a flea-free pet. A preventive flea collar is also recommended even if your pet doesn't have fleas.