What Breeds Make Good House Dogs?

Indoor house dogs make outstanding companions for people living in small apartments or homes with little yard space. Small dogs require less exercise and take up far less space in tight quarters. Learn which small dogs breeds make the best inside dogs.

Key considerations for indoor house dogs include the activity levels of the dog and the space the dog requires. Many dogs require hour-long play sessions in an outdoor environment,and apartment owners may struggle to find enough time in the day to meet their pet's exercise requirements. There are five outstanding dog breeds that love being inside dogs and require minimal exercise.

Basset Hounds Make Mellow Inside Dogs

Basset Hounds do enjoy a daily walk, but their little legs can only handle so much. They're much happier being couch potato house dogs. Weighing up to 60 pounds, the dogs are devoted to their family and anyone entering their owner's home.

They are hounds, so barking is a bad behavior that you may spend time training to stop. While they are short-haired dogs, Basset Hounds do tend to shed, especially when seasons change, so be prepared to brush the dog daily.

Choosing an English Bulldog for Indoor Living

The very wrinkly Bulldogs are substantial inside dogs. They don't mind going for short walks, but do not enjoy humidity, so definitely limit a dog's time outdoors in humid weather. Bulldogs can become hefty animals, weighing up to 60 pounds, but they are mellow, extremely friendly animals. With a stocky body and very stubby legs, Bulldogs are happiest in homes where they do not have to do a lot of climbing stairs or jumping up or down from areas.

Chinese Crested Breed Traits

The unusual looking Chinese Crested is a popular apartment dog. It's exercise requirements are easily met indoors with ball chasing and similar play. If you do venture outside with your Chinese Crested, make sure he's wearing a jacket or sunscreen. The dogs are susceptible to skin cancer due to their hairless appearance. Cold weather is definitely an issue for these small dogs.

Shih Tzus Are Great Family Dogs

Shih Tzus are loving companions with all ages. Their exercise requirements are little making them excellent indoor house dogs. Easy to train, a Shih Tzu enjoys indoor games like chasing laser pointers or balls. In fact, many pet owners find the breed cat like in nature. Shih Tzus love to sit on your lap for hours and while they won't mind a walk, they are just as happy remaining indoors, out of inclement weather.

Yorkshire Terriers Make Great Indoor House Dogs

Yorkshire Terriers remain one of the world's most popular indoor house dogs. They do like to play, but are happy with indoor play and a quick walk outside a few times to a day for bathroom breaks. They generally do not enjoy the cold weather, so purchase a doggy sweater if you live in a colder climate.

Due to their size, Yorkshire Terriers can be easily litter box trained eliminating the need to take them outside for all of their bathroom breaks. This is especially handy for those who work long hours.