Holistic Treatment for Canine Cushings Disease

There are numerous treatments for canine Cushings disease, including various holistic approaches. There are times where conventional medicine is just not helping to alleviate any of the symptoms, or it could be that the dog is reacting negatively to the medications. For times like this there are holistic and homeopathic approaches that one can take.

Herbal treatments have been taking the market by storm, and research has shown them to often help when taking care of medical problems. Canine Cushing's disease is another one of these medical problems that have been researched on using alternative treatments. With a little prior knowledge one may find that herbal and homeopathic treatments are perfect for taking care of their dog.

Herbal Remedies for Cushing's Disease in Dogs

There is an extensive list of herbal remedies that claim to assist with canine Cushing's disease:

  • Fish oils contain a large amount of Omega 3 oils, and studies have shown Omega 3 oils to be one of the most powerful nutrients out there. These oils have an astonishing ability to balance and maintain health, as well as heal a large list of conditions.
  • Magnolia bark has been recorded to control cortisol levels, and it helps create chemical effects that increase anti-anxiety in the dog.
  • Dandelion, the well-known flower, can help create a balance in the kidneys and adrenal glands.

No matter what herbal supplement or treatment you go with, though, you should always make sure to include Asenicum, which can help with the excessive thirst the dog experiences.

Homeopathic Formulas

Thallium Acetas, Cortisone, and Corticotrophin are all homeopathic remedies that should be considered when thinking of an alternative treatment for your dog.

  • Thallium Acetas works by treating the skin and coat of the dog, creating a healthier looking coat.
  • Cortisone actually helps to fight the body's need to overproduce hormones.
  • Corticotrophin helps rid any excess fluid that is stored in the adrenal gland, and it helps balance out the adrenal gland so it is not always producing so many hormones.

All of these are alternative treatments for your dog, which have results and research backing them. You should never follow any alternative treatments without some kind of scientific evidence backing them.

Combination Works Best

The best kind of treatment you can give your dog for Cushing's disease is a combination of herbal, homeopathic and conventional medicine. Cushing's disease is a serious condition that needs to be treated using anything at your disposal. Some dogs react better to herbal and homeopathic, but others react better to herbal and conventional.

Every dog with Cushing's disease should be taken as a unique medical problem, because no two dogs react the same to treatments. It is highly recommended that you gather all of the information you can before determining an attack plan on this disease. Your dog needs you most right now, so please do your best to find all of your options. You never know what can be the key to your dog's comfort and treatment.