Homeopathic Cat Allergy Cures

Homeopathic cat allergy remedies help your pet get past allergies to the environment around him. Other remedies can help you overcome your allergy to your cat's dander. Learn how homeopathic treatments can help both you and your pet enjoy a happy existence together.

When You're Allergic to Your Cat

If your cat allergy is related to the cat you own, don't give him away. First try some of the most effective homeopathic treatments.

It's important to keep pet dander to a minimum. Vacuum your house daily and purchase a high-quality air filtration unit to remove airborne contaminants.

Washing your cat every couple of weeks with a cat allergy shampoo helps to remove saliva from the fur, a common allergen to those allergic to cats. Wash your pet's bedding before starting the bath.

Some people find it effective to drink teas made of ginseng or borage because they boost the immune system. Homeopathic treatments that have helped dozens of pet owners include:

  • Allium cepa (found in onion bulbs and offers anti-inflammatory properties)

  • Euphrasia (a flowering herb with anti-inflammatory properties)

  • Natrum muriaticum (Sodium chloride that helps reduce mucus build up)

Helping Your Cat Overcome Allergies Using Homeopathic Treatments

If a cat allergy is causing your pet to suffer from dry, itchy skin rashes, use holistic treatments to help him feel better. Cats are susceptible to the environment around him. Some cats develop allergies to ingredients found in pet foods, while others are allergic to cleaning products you use in your home.

For cats that exhibit seasonal allergies to pollen, stinging nettle extract is effective. Add some stinging nettle extract to your cat's canned food or water to help relieve congestion and sneezing.

A little turmeric added to your cat's canned food acts as an anti-inflammatory. Turmeric can help with hot spots and other skin allergies caused by exposure to outside elements like cleaners, insect bites and mold spores.

Allergic reactions from flea bites are problematic to many cats. Keep fleas away by using peppermint scented cat-safe shampoos. Neem Tree oil cat shampoos also seem to drive fleas away.

Holistic veterinary experts also recommend the use of Arum triph to help reduce redness and swelling on a cat's skin. The ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties.

Rinsing your pet in cooled chamomile tea helps sooth itchy skin. Your pet might not be willing to be washed in the tea, however, so you might find it easier to put the liquid into a spray bottle and then spray it onto your hands and rub it into the skin by hand.

Keep Your House Clean to Prevent a Cat Allergy

Using cat-friendly cleaning products will help eliminate many environmental allergies in cats. Try cleaning your home with natural products and see if that stops your pets dry, itchy skin issues. Mix white vinegar with filtered water to disinfect counters, sinks and fixtures. Sprinkle baking soda on surfaces and then vacuum up to remove odors from carpets and furnishings.

Use a steam cleaner to wash your carpeting. Use white vinegar and water to remove stains and set in dirt. Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpeting at the end of summer and again at the end of winter to clean up dirt and pollen that finds its way into your home.