How Effective Are Natural Remedies for Dog Ailments?

Natural remedies for dogs can effectively treat minor medical concerns in pets. Natural remedies don't use harsh chemical ingredients to cure pet ailments. Very often simple home ingredients such as rosemary and peppermint extract bring relief from symptoms of ailments.

Natural remedies shouldn't however replace antibiotic medication that's necessary for pets with life-threatening diseases. Although some pets benefit from natural or organic products, not all pets show signs of recovery as the effect differs in individual pets.

Examples of Natural Remedies for Dogs

  • Aloe-vera gel that's used to soothe dry or itchy skin.
  • Pet owners often feed their dog's fresh rosemary to ward off bad breath.
  • Products that contain eucalyptus, rosemary and fennel are used as flea repellents.
  • Tea tree essential oil is also used on adult dogs that suffer from flea bites.

Homoeopathic Treatments for Pets

An increasingly popular remedy that's homoeopathic in nature is arnica. It's used to relive pain, prevent infection from bruises and also quicken the healing process. Several other homoeopathic medications include phosphorous, bellis and ledum that effectively treat pets for various conditions such as chronic pain or bleeding

Although natural ingredients don't contain chemical components, not all natural ingredients agree with pets. It's important to verify the benefits of herbs before feeding them to your dog. Certain prescription medicines shouldn't be used in combination with others drugs. Hence, it's best to discuss the use of natural remedies with your vet.

Certain pets suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes, digestive disorders, constipation and Cushing's disease. Natural remedies may be more favorable for chronic conditions as it prevents adverse side effects that are generally seen with other medicines.

Manufacturers of Natural Pet Remedies

  • Pet Alive
  • Only Natural pet remedies
  • Thorne research
  • Vetri-science

Herbal and Organic Treatments for Dogs

Dogs commonly suffer from flea and ear infections. Although the specific treatment varies due to the severity of infection, several commercially available natural remedies help relieve the symptoms.

Natural Flea Remedies

  • PetAlive FleaDerm
  • Herbal Pet Flea Powder by NaturVet
  • Immugen by Throne Research
  • Remedies for Dog Ear Infections
  • Ear wash with Tea Tree oil from NatureVet
  • PetAlive Ear Dr.
  • Halo Herbal Ear Wash
  • Newton Homoeopathics ear care

Commercial organic remedies use ingredients available in nature to treat pet ailments. Several manufacturers of holistic pet medication sell vitamins or supplements at a cost that's higher than those available at grocery stores. However, the companies claim to use ingredients that are of the highest quality that make a difference to overall pet health.

Home based natural remedies are often cheaper than over the counter medication used to treat skin conditions, fleas or indigestion. In addition, natural remedies may be more effective than allopathic medicines in certain pets.

Although natural, herbal or homoeopathic remedies are safe for use, it's always best to discuss with your vet, treatment options ideal for your dog.