Herbal Relief for Allergies in Cats

There are several herbal relief formulas that are known to get rid of the symptoms of allergies. Cats are more sensitive than dogs and develop allergic reactions when they come in contact with allergens present in the environment. Common types of allergic reactions that are exhibited by cats include airborne allergies, flea allergy dermatitis, contact allergies and food allergies. Although the symptoms are almost similar, cats suffering from food allergies often show signs of stomach upset along with the skin reactions.

Treatment Options

Even though there are several treatment options available, the vet will have to first find out the underlying cause of the skin reaction. Pet owners will also have to take measures to prevent future occurrences of allergies in their cats. The most commonly used treatment option is the administration of antihistamine medications and corticosteroid drugs. Since these medicines cannot be used as a long term solution to feline allergies, herbal and natural remedies are a better alternative.

Some pets experience seasonal allergies while others develop chronic allergic reactions. Cats that suffer from chronic allergies often require medication for life. Such cats benefit from the use of herbal formulas that bring relief from the itching and the hives.

Natural and Herbal Treatment

Although cats suffering from allergic reactions may be bathed with hypoallergenic shampoos that contain oatmeal and aloe vera, the pet's diet should be modified so that the immune system is strengthened. The cat's diet must have a source of Omega 3 fatty acids, because these are known to reduce the development of allergies in pets. Homeopathic remedies also work effectively to control the symptoms of allergic reactions.

You could either visit a homeopathic vet to purchase medication for your cat or look for commercial remedies that contain Chamomilla, Arum triph and Cina. There are several commercially available herbal products that treat allergies but you need to discuss the benefits of using these with the vet before purchasing them.

 Herbal Cat Allergy Products Include:

  • Only Natural Pet Herbal Ointment
  • Health Concerns Skin Balance
  • Doc Ackerman's Herbal Allergy Relief Formula
  • Natural Pet Allergies Homoeopathics
  • Pet Essences Allergies Flower Essences
  • Itchy Skin & Allergies Kits for Cats


Although herbal remedies don't cause any side effects, it's important to read and follow package instructions and contact your vet if you're in doubt. Not all plant extracts and herbs benefit cats. It's therefore best to avoid making your own home preparations. Instead, purchase herbal remedies that are specifically formulated for use in cats.

Tips for Pet Owners

If your cat suffers from allergic reactions, make sure you keep her away from known allergens. Avoid exposing the cat to dust, mold and cigarette smoke and regularly clean your home so that it remains allergen-free. Use air filters or purifiers in your home to reduce the risk of airborne allergies.

Apart from herbal remedies you could also consider using immunotherapy as another treatment option. The success of immunotherapy varies considerably in each pet and it's important to work with your vet to do what's best for your cat.