Cat Flea Collars -- Do They Work?

Cat flea collars are collars that are used to ward off fleas from the cat by emitting toxic gasses that keep fleas away. These toxic nerve gasses are inhaled by your cat, and absorbed into his skin. While cat flea collars are an effective way to help get rid of fleas, they are not intended to be used as the only option of flea-removal. The use of a cat flea collar will rarely be effective on its own to completely remove the presence of fleas. Pet owners will need to use other methods in addition to the flea collar to rid their cat of fleas.

How Do Cat Flea Collars Work?

As mentioned earlier, cat flea collars emit toxic gasses that are absorbed and inhaled by your pet. Using cat flea collars will help rid your cat of fleas, but is not effective enough when used on its own. Pet owners will need to combine the flea collar method with other forms of flea control to fully get rid of fleas and flea infestations. Because the flea collars are not effective when used alone, some pet owners may find that the the potential health risks involved may not be worth the trouble. Flea collars contain chemicals that can be harmful to your cat's health, and pet owners should detoxify their pet after using the collar to prevent problems.

How to Detoxify Your Pet After Using the Flea Collar

It is highly recommended that pet owners supplement their cat's diet with herbal remedies or Vitamin C to detoxify their cat. This should be done during the treatment, and after. Flea collars contain chemicals that can be harmful to their pet's health, so it is important to clean your pet's system while using this method of flea control. It is also recommended that pet owners avoid using flea control products that contain DDVP, an ingredient that is absorbed into the cat's skin and can build up into the tissues. The best option would be to use a herbal collar, if possible.

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Flea Collar for Your Cat

When choosing a flea collar for your pet, you should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Make sure the collar is the correct size. It should never be too tight or too loose.
  • Look for a collar that has an elasticized or break-away section for the cat's protection.
  • Regularly remove the collar to check for skin problems or irritation.

Using the Flea Collar with Other Methods of Flea Control

As stated earlier, the cat flea collar will not be effective when used on its own and should be combined with other forms of flea control. If you choose to use the flea collar on your cat, it is recommended that you take additional steps to complete the flea-removal process. Pet owners will need to remove all the fleas in the home and yard to prevent fleas from returning and coming into contact with your pet. When you have completely eliminated the cat's environment of fleas, the cat will no longer need to wear a flea collar.