How to Get Rid of Carpet Fleas

Carpet fleas refer to an infestation of small parasites that can make its home in your carpets or rugs. These fleas are often linked closely to households that have dogs, as dogs can pick up fleas outside and bring them into the home. Occasionally, carpet flea infestations will begin as dog flea problems. If the fleas have enough food sources, they may transfer to the carpet, where they can jump up and latch on to people, animals and more in order to bite and feed. In order to get rid of a carpet flea infestation that you have in your house, follow the instructions below.

Clean the Carpet Regularly

One of the best ways to eliminate fleas at all stages of their growth and development, from egg to full grown adult, is to clean up your carpet as regularly as you can. Vacuum thoroughly and often while you have carpet fleas. Be aware also that many fleas can escape from a vacuum bag if you're not careful, so be sure to dispose of the bag in a safe and remote place or to fill it with diatomaceous earth (DE), a substance that kills fleas without being harmful to your or your pets.

Use Natural Methods

Cleaning your carpet with potent pesticides that can kill fleas easily is not a good idea. The reason for this is that such pesticides are poisonous not only to fleas but also to you, your family and your pets. Instead, you should plan to use all natural treatment methods. Mild dish detergents are excellent flea killers that will not cause harm to your or your pets. You may even wish to bathe your pet in a small amount of dish detergent in order to rid him or her of fleas, but be very careful not to get the detergent in your pet's eyes.

Eliminate Food Sources

Fleas will not survive if they don't have a source of food in the area. If a particular area of your carpet is infested with fleas, cordon off that space and leave it for several days without entering it. Don't allow your pet to enter into the space, either. The fleas will starve to death as this happens. Be careful, however, as many eggs will likely remain. Because of this, simply eliminating the food source for a few days will not be sufficient to eliminate all flea problems in most cases.

Use Pet Flea Treatments

Flea collars and specially formulated shampoos are available at pet stores and other locations. They can be very effective at eliminating flea infestations on your pet. Use this as a supplementary measure to help eliminate the fleas in your home entirely.

Ask for your vet's recommendations for additional advice in how to eliminate fleas on your pet and in your home in general. Specialists on extermination can help with this process as well.