Three Best Indoor Cat Breeds

Three popular indoor cat breeds in the United States include Maine Coons, Russian Blues and Siamese. You should choose your feline breed by the quirks you most admire in cats. Do you want a cat that lies around in your lap all day, or a cat that has a distinct personality and a way of getting what he wants?

Once you know your preferred breed of indoor cat, call or email the Cat Fancier's Association for recommendations for local cat breeders. They'll know who is reputable.

1. Main Coons

Maine Coon cat breeds have grown in popularity. Expect huge paws and a much larger cat, topping 25 pounds. They are not delicate by any means, and do not mind being handled by young children. Maine Coons make exceptional mousers, and they love being cuddled.

2. Russian Blues

Russian Blues are gentle cats that adore the children they live with. They can be shy with strangers, but remain affectionate to their family members. They love to play, so have plenty of toys available.

3. Siamese

Siamese can be mouthy and demanding, but they are protective of their family and affectionate. These cat breeds include Seal Point or Lilac Point. They love sleeping with family members and curling up on laps for hours. In fact, they can be pushy about getting you to cuddle them all hours of the day.