Siamese Cat Behavior

Cat behavior often varies by breed, with the Siamese breed being well known for some unique behavioral traits. Although the Siamese cat breed has a wealth of positive traits, it is important that anyone interested in this cat breed be aware of the somewhat peculiar behavioral issues that are common in the Siamese cat breed.

The Siamese Cat Temperament

Most cat owners will find the Siamese cat to be a loving, affectionate companion. However, the Siamese does have a unique temperament which sets it apart from most other cat breeds. The Siamese cat is known for having a jealous streak. It is true that the Siamese cat indulges in attention from both family and strangers, but so much so that it may become forceful if it does not receive the attention it demands. Depending on the owner, this type of cat behavior may be looked at as either positive or negative. In general, the Siamese cat is a great family pet, but because it can become jealous about attention, it is important to keep this Siamese behavior trait in mind when children are present.

Siamese Cats Are Very Vocal

One cat behavior issue with the Siamese is its ability to be extremely vocal. The Siamese is not the type of cat to simply make general conversation, but rather the sound may reverberate as though someone is genuinely hurting them. It is this unique vocality that sets the Siamese apart from most other cat breeds. While a rare few Siamese cats may express themselves vocally only when they are in need of something, most Siamese cats wander around voicing themselves almost constantly. Some cat owners mistake this behavioral issue for the cat being hurt or in pain. However, it is a genetic trait and a completely normal cat behavior in Siamese cats.

Siamese Cats Need a Scratching Outlet

Another cat behavior issue to be aware of with Siamese cats is their insatiable need to scratch. While declawing the cat is certainly the best way to abate this issue, some cat owners do not approve of declawing cats. In those cases, Siamese cat owners strive to find ways to redirect the Siamese cat behavior of scratching. Keep in mind that this is an innate behavior in the Siamese, and punishment for the act may not be entirely welcomed. The best way to control this to provide a carpeted or wooden scratching post that will allow for this Siamese cat behavior, and yet will keep the furniture and carpet of the home intact.

Domination and Aggression

One of the other cat behavior issues with Siamese cats is their desire to be domineering. The Siamese is an innately intelligent cat, and it can sense the fear or subordinate nature of another cat. The Siamese then preys on that cat to establish its territory and to create a position of authority. This cat behavior trait follows with the natural jealousy of Siamese cats. This is a cat breed that needs to be the main attention receiver in all situations, and it will intimidate other animals into submission to ensure that this happens.