Is Walking Your Dog in the Rain a Good Idea?

When it comes to walking your dog, you can't always depend upon the weather to be in good condition. Rain is one of the most common problems that a person runs into and that leads to a question is it okay to walk your dog in the rain?

The Basic Question: Is it Okay to Walk Your Dog in the Rain?

To put it shortly, there is nothing wrong with walking your dog in the rain if done properly. After all, sometimes your dog has to use the restroom and there is no other option, unless you want to risk your dog making a mess in the house.

The biggest problem to deal with when it comes to walking your dog in the rain is the fact that most dogs will not appreciate it. There are some that will not mind at all, but most dogs seem to want to avoid it at all possible. The real trick to walking your dog in the rain is making the experience as comfortable—and perhaps even enjoyable—for your dog as possible.

In colder weather, or in the case of hail, you'll always want to take precautions because excessive cold can result in hypothermia. Always ensure your dog is not too cold if temperatures outside drop.

Choosing a Good Location

One of the easiest ways to make walking your dog in the rain as painless as possible is to try to look out for areas that block the rain. If you can find an area that is covered or that has trees to block out some of the rain, then this can help immensely, as it will limit the amount of rain that your dog is exposed to.

Accessories for Walking in the Rain with Your Dog

There are rain accessories that you can purchase for your pet that can sometimes make the experience of walking in the rain more bearable for your pet. These include:

  • Pet umbrellas. This is an umbrella that will attach to your dog's collar. It makes the process of keeping your dog covered from the rain a very simple process.
  • Canine rain coats. This is something else that can help to keep your dog dry in the rain. If you have a larger dog, you can also consider a small foal blanket, which is wind-resistant, waterproof and even come with Velcro straps to help keep the blanket in place.
  • Canine rain boots. Though not many dogs will put up with this, you can always try it. This will help to keep your dog's legs and paws from getting wet.

What to Expect

Once you have successfully walked your dog in the rain, take him home. If he has managed to get wet despite all your precautionary measures, then just use a towel to dry him off.

Do not expect the first couple of times to go smoothly, of course; give your dog a chance to get used to it. Once he has, it can be a painless and easy process for the both of you and he may even learn to enjoy the outing as much as he does a normal walk.