How to Keep Your Cat Warm

While it may seem like Mother Nature has taken the upper hand by providing a solid amount of fur for the insulation of your cat, it is still important to make every effort to keep your cat warm during the winter months.

Cats Are Warm-Blooded

Cats are naturally warm-blooded animals; which means that their body produces heat as they exercise their muscles. What this means for your cat is that he is likely to stay warm of his own accord if he is kept indoors. In addition, he has a thick layer of fur to provide insulation for the heat that his body is producing.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

The best way to use the nature of a cat's blood to his advantage is to keep him indoors. While cat's have the ability to generate their own body heat, a lot of that heat can be lost and difficult to reproduce in sub-zero temperatures. Indoors is absolutely the safest place for your cat to be during the winter.

It does not take much to keep cats warm when they are indoors. However, they will still sit in front of the fireplace and bake until they are content. The cat's body actually controls the amount of heat that it stores; so, sitting in front of the fireplace overmuch is not going to cause your cat to become too hot or overheat.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

If your cat is one that lives outside for the most part, the best thing that you can do is to build a make-shift shelter for him so that the harsh winter winds are not so chilling to him. Even though cat's can generate their own heat, they will still be cold outside because the air is cold and their body will waste a lot of energy by consistently trying to reproduce heat.

You should try to build a box or some type of shelter that will keep the cool winds from affecting your cat. Cat's can and do generate their own heat when they are curled up in a ball in a secure and warm spot. While the idea of the box may not seem that warm to you, it provides more protection for your cat than if he did not have a box at all.

Keeping Warm While Traveling

If you are travelling with your cat this winter, then you need to make sure to pack some extra blankets to keep him warm. Chances are that if you are travelling, you will be keeping your cat in a wired-crated cat carrier. Because the crate has air holes or is made entirely of wire, there is no element of protection against the wind and cool air.

What you will need to do is to either buy a pet bed or make sure that your cat has an adequate supply of warm blankets available to him in his crate. If you would like to take an extra step in providing warmth, you can invest in a cat heating pad. The cat heating pad is made especially for cats and is created to heat only to safe temperatures for your cat while still maintaining a comfortable level of body heat.