The Benefits of a Heated Cat Bed

Providing a heated cat bed for a cat improves both the health and the mood of the pet. Owners looking into purchasing a new cat bed should consider the benefits of seeking out a bed with heating properties.

Cats and Heat

When falling asleep, cats often curl into balls or cuddle against other pets or their owners. The objective of either position is to retain optimal body heat. A heated cat bed helps the cat achieve this goal, and is especially important for the lone cat, the aging cat, the ill cat and the outdoor cat.

Managing Pain

A heated cat bed can soothe sore muscles, combat arthritis in weak joints and release tension. Older cats are especially susceptible to arthritis and sore muscles from the wear and tear of old age. Heated beds help older cats feel less pain.

Preventing and Fighting Illnesses

Long-time exposure to low temperatures and harsh winds can decrease a cat's immune system, making it more susceptible to catching feline colds and other illnesses. Having access to a heated bed - especially if the cat lives primarily outdoors, in which case the owner can provide a bed in a garage or shed - can help the cat boost its immune system. Cats who are already ill need to keep warm and relaxed in order to combat their viruses and encourage the body to heal.

Improving Temperament

Cats who are cold and uncomfortable may whine, paw and scratch at the door and howl for attention until they are let into a warmer environment. Providing cats both indoors and out with a heated cat bed can make them more comfortably fall asleep, even in chilly temperatures. The warmth of the bed also echoes the warmth a cat can get from another animal or a human, and makes it feel more relaxed and less alone.

Types of Heated Beds

Owners have a variety of options when it comes to purchasing beds with heating properties. The three most common of these beds are:
  • Microwavable pads: Some beds include removable microwavable pads filled with material such as buckwheat, which can retain heat for about thirty minutes to an hour. Because of the short heating period, these are not ideal, but they are the least expensive.
  • Thermal beds: These beds are normal temperature to the touch at first, but use insulating material to reflect the body heat of the cat back to the pet after a few minutes. These beds are cheaper than other types of beds with heat, and work nearly as well at keeping the cat warm.
  • Electric beds: With a pet-safe electrical cord, these beds are plugged in and release steady, immediate heat at all times. These are the best and priciest in heated beds.

A heated cat bed can help soothe a cat's pain, boost its immune system, keep it warm during cold winter nights and improve its mood. Although a bit more expensive than a traditional cat bed, one with heating properties offers enough benefits to justify the extra expense.