Liquid Vitamins for Dogs

Of the many different types of vitamin supplements which are commonly given to dogs, liquid vitamins are seen by many vets and owners as the most beneficial to a dog's body. Vitamins in general are very important for a dog for continued good health, just as they are for a human being. They can help to promote the immune system, the healthy functioning of a variety of different systems like metabolism, digestion, growth, energy production and much more. Here are some of the unique benefits of liquid vitamins as opposed to other types of vitamins.

Liquid Vitamins for Dogs

Liquid vitamins can be given to your pet in liquid form. They are to be distinguished from capsule and tablet forms of vitamins. While these latter forms are the more common ways of delivering a dose of vitamins to your dog, there are a number of different potential downsides to these vitamins.

Artificial Ingredients in Other Vitamins

Capsule and tablet forms tend to have a set of extra ingredients which may not be helpful to your pet and may, in fact, harm him. These ingredients are those that make up the casing of the tablets, the suspension mixture which contains the vitamins themselves, and any coloring or flavoring agents. If you're interested in giving your pet a natural supplement or a diet that doesn't contain any preservatives, chemicals or chemical dyes, you may have a problem giving your pet vitamins of this type. On the other hand, liquid vitamins typically contain far fewer (if any) of these potentially harmful chemicals. They do not need to have a casing in order to maintain the vitamin in a single tablet or pill. They typically don't have any suspension materials either.

Ease of Digestion of Liquid Vitamins

Vitamins in tablet and pill form must be broken down through the normal digestive processes. Your dog's body has to work harder in order to break down the barrier between his body and the vitamins inside of the casing. Once it has broken down the casing, it may have already lost some of the vitamins that were contained within, thereby making it a less beneficial way of delivering a vitamin dose to him.

Liquid vitamins, on the other hand, are much more readily broken down in your pet's body. In some cases, they can be absorbed directly into his system. This provides a set of benefits that are more effective and which can take place quickly.

Before you give your dog any type of supplement, whether it's a vitamin supplement or some other type, it's important that you consult with your veterinarian for more information. Vets can help to ensure that you will give your dog the proper balance of nutrients to keep him at an optimal level of health for the remainder of his life. Liquid vitamins are available at most pet supply and food stores.