Managing Feline Diarrhea with FortiFlora for Cats

Fortiflora is a supplement used to treat pets suffering from diarrhea. Since feline diarrhea is fairly common, it's important to determine the cause of diarrhea instead of exclusively treating the symptom. Diarrhea that's accompanied by vomiting is an indicator of illness and warrants a vet check. Pets also suffer from diarrhea due to dietary indiscretion, parasite infections bacterial and viral diseases. Pet owners should avoid the use of over the counter drugs to treat diarrhea if the underlying cause isn't established. Since pets suffering from diarrhea become weak, it's best to keep them hydrated with water. This also maintains the fluid levels in the body and prevents sudden collapse.

Prevention of Feline Diarrhea

Pet owners should take precautions to prevent diarrhea in cats. Apart from routine vaccinations to prevent bacterial or viral infections, it's important to follow good dietary habits. Cats should be given food that contains high quality ingredients in adequate proportions. Diets should be suitable to the cat's age, breed and underlying health concerns. Pet owners should avoid feeding pets, left over table scraps. The flooring should also be free from any food, as pet's often ingest scraps lying on the floor and this causes gastrointestinal intolerance.

FortiFlora for Cats

This is a nutritional supplement that can be sprinkled over normal cat food to promote gastrointestinal health. Fortiflora contains a type of probiotic that effectively treat's pet's suffering from diarrhea and intestinal disorders. Although the product is safe for use in cats and kittens, pet owners should discuss with the vet, benefits of administering fortiflora to cats suffering from diarrhea and associated symptoms.

Components of FortiFlora for Cats

Along with probiotics, fortiflora contains live active cultures that work, with other ingredients, to restore digestive health. These live cultures are naturally occurring organisms that benefit kittens suffering from intestinal disorders and cat's suffering from food intolerance. Pets suffering from diarrhea associated with drug reactions also respond favorably to fortiflora supplementation.

Other Ingredients Include:

  • L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate
  • Beta-carotene
  • Zinc proteinate
  • Vitamin E
  • Taurine
  • Ferrous sulfate

Dosage and Administration

Fortiflora should be used according to vet instructions as individual health conditions vary. The supplements are available in a sachet box that contains 30 packages of 1 g each. The supplement is palatable and can be mixed with pet food. Fortiflora can be used during stressful situations that trigger diarrhea. Since it promotes immune health and has antioxidant properties, it's often used to treat pets suffering from diarrhea associated with antibiotic medication.

Other Treatment Options

If the diagnosis reveals minor food intolerance, the vet will recommend keeping the cat on a fast for several hours to restore normal digestive function. The pet will also be fed bland food for a few days. If diarrhea occurs due to parasite infection, the vet will prescribe medication to kill worms and treat internal infection. Pets suffering from diarrhea require home care to prevent dehydration. It's important to ensure that the cat consumes plenty of fresh water throughout the day even during fasting. Water could be flavored to make it more palatable.

Although minor conditions that trigger diarrhea can be controlled with fortiflora supplements, other severe gastrointestinal disorders may require additional medication and prescription diet food to help the pet recover.