Managing Labrador Dogs' Shedding Problems

Labrador dogs are a very popular choice of pet for many families. They are generally a very healthy breed that is friendly, and they have a number of other great personality traits which make them excellent pets overall. However, one of the issues that many people do have with their Labrador dogs is that they tend to shed quite a bit. Shedding occurs as your dog changes the quality and thickness of his fur to accommodate new temperatures and seasons. With labs, the shedding tends to continue throughout the year, although it may become worse at certain times. Read on for a brief guide on how to manage your Labrador dog's shedding issues.

Maintaining Hygiene

One of the very best ways to control a dog's shedding is to brush him regularly with an appropriate pet brush. These brushes will help to collect any loose fur or hair that may have otherwise dropped off of your pet and onto the ground in your home. This way, you can help to keep your pet's coat healthy and free of loose hairs without having to take the time and trouble to clean up those hairs off of your carpets and furniture. A good pet brush will have stiff teeth that are spread apart enough to be able to collect hair. Be careful as you groom your pet that you don't hurt him; don't press the brush into his skin very hard, and avoid any sensitive parts of his body.

It's a good idea to get into the habit of brushing your pet for a few minutes every day. This will help to keep him as comfortable as possible as you work and will also be the most effective way of limiting your Labrador dog's shedding. Be sure to give him plenty of praise and pets as you work.


Bathing regularly is another great way to maintain skin and fur quality, both of which are crucial to your pet's shedding. Give your dog a regular bath, approximately once every two weeks or so. Use a quality canine shampoo to clean him. Not only will this process help to remove any loose hair that exists on his body at the time, but it will also keep the hairs that he does have on his body healthy and less likely to fall off.

Medical Treatments

In some cases, severe shedding can actually be due to a medical or skin condition. If you've made other efforts to control your Labrador dog's shedding but have found that they aren't successful, consider the possibility of taking your pet in to the vet for further examination. In these cases, medicated shampoos, ointments and even some oral medications may be helpful in reducing your dog's overall shedding.

For more information about how to manage shedding in your Labrador in the best way possible, consult with a veterinarian in your area for more advice.