Using a Cat Brush for Shedding Problems

One of the best ways to help reduce your pet's shedding problems is to care for him every day with a good quality cat brush. A good cat brush can help to clear up hair that is loose and which would otherwise shed off of his body. This can keep your home cleaner and help to reduce allergies for anyone who may be sensitive to cat dander or hair in your home. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind if you do decide to treat your cat with a cat brush regularly.

Brush Often

The best way to ensure that your cat's coat is healthy and strong and that your brushing actually helps to ease your pet's shedding is to brush him often. Spend a few minutes every day and sit with your cat while you brush him. You may find that he is resistant at first; the earlier on in his life that you begin to brush him, the easier it will tend to be for you to be able to convince him to continue the brushing later on. Be sure to give him lots of pets and the occasional treat as you brush him in order to keep him calm and relaxed.

Use a Good Brush

Not all cat brushes are created equal. In fact, some will not only fail to accomplish the task of reducing your pet's shedding, but they may also cause your cat to suffer from pain as well. For the best results, use a wire brush with the hairs separated out by a decent distance. The wires should not be too thick, nor should they be particularly stiff. Run the brush along the grain of your cat's hair in short, gentle motions. Watch out for his reaction, and be careful not to press the brush into him too hard.

Collect and Dispose of Hair

When brushing your cat to help rid him of his shedding problems, the best way to do this is to collect the different hairs as you go. Gather them up in your hand or pull them off of the brush as they collect their. Place them directly into a disposal case or into the trash bin for the best results and the fewest stray hairs. If you drop the hairs over the floor, it will be essentially the same as if your cat had shed them off of his body anyway.


Brushing is a great way to generally maintain your cat's hygiene, but it's also important to be aware if your pet needs a bath. The quality of his fur and skin will be greatly improved if you can convince him to take a small bath every few weeks. Use an appropriate and approved shampoo and make the process as quick as possible in order to best help your cat to be comfortable while you keep his skin and his fur clean.