Natural Allergy Relief for Dogs

Allergies are common in canines and can be caused by a wide range of factors. The management of canine allergies includes medication treatment, immunization shots, but there is also the option of natural allergy relief. The natural ingredients will aim at improving the condition of the pet’s immune system and reducing the allergic reactions. Unlike the traditional medications, the natural allergy remedies will not cause side effects, which can be serious in the case of corticosteroids or antihistamines.

Natural Allergy Relief

The allergic dogs have a defective immune system which will react negatively to the different irritants in the dog’s environment. The immune system will need a boost and the natural remedies will accomplish this. If the immune system of the dog is strong, the dog will develop fewer allergic reactions.

There are several different natural remedies that can strengthen the dog’s immune system and relieve the allergy symptoms. These include herbal remedies, plants and roots.

All traditional medication cause side effects and these can be as severe as kidney and liver failure, if the allergy medication is administered for a long period of time. Traditional medications also contain toxins which can build up in time and cause serious health conditions in time.

The natural remedies have no risks and no side effects and can be administered in conjunction with traditional medication or as self standing treatment. 

The natural remedies should only be administered if the allergic reactions are not very severe. If the dog develops anaphylaxis (i.e. swollen face and respiratory ways, without being able to breathe) he will need an immediate treatment and an epinephrine shot. The natural remedies will only be effective if used for a few weeks and the dog may only show signs of improvement after a few weeks.

Licorice Root

The licorice root is a natural remedy that is recommended for dogs that develop different allergic reactions. The licorice root is a natural ingredient that has similar effects as corticosteroids, relieving swelling and irritation.

The licorice root can be found in natural pet stores in the form of pills or drops which can be easily administered to your pet.

The licorice root solutions may also be administered on the dog’s skin, if the dog develops rashes or allergic dermatitis.

Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album is an ingredient that is used in homeopathy and can be effective in reducing the skin allergies. The remedy will remove swelling and itchiness.

The arsenicum album solution can also reduce wheezing and get rid of a stuffed nose.


Sabadilla is a natural remedy that can be effective is reducing itchy skin. The remedy is also used in dogs that experience wheezing, coughing, sneezing and ocular discharges. The solution may be combined with alium cepa, which will relieve skin rashes.


The dog can get different oils (fish, sunflower or flaxseed oils), which can also give a boost to the immune system, containing omega 3 fatty acids. These oils can be added to the dog’s food and will also improve the quality of the skin and coat.