Natural Cat Toothpaste

Natural cat toothpaste can either be purchased at your local pet supply store or via online shopping, or you can make feline toothpaste at home using a few simple ingredients. Let’s look at some of the popular toothpaste brands, as well as how easy it is to make feline toothpaste.

Why You Need to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Your cat needs to have her teeth brushed regularly to avoid developing dental disease, which can become a life-threatening problem if it isn’t treated. About 70 percent of American cats develop gum disease by the time they are 3 years old, and gum disease isn’t limited to your cat’s mouth. The bacteria that cause the gum infection can travel to your cat’s heart, kidneys and liver through her bloodstream, and the bacteria can also damage other organs in your cat’s body.

By working with your veterinarian, you can protect your cat’s oral and dental health with regular dental cleanings as part of your cat’s annual physical examination and daily preventive care by you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cat Toothpaste

In order to get the maximum benefit from your cat’s toothpaste, you’ll need to choose a product she will tolerate. Ideally, the toothpaste will be flavored with something your cat finds palatable (such as tuna, salmon, beef or poultry), which may make easier for you to use.

Factors to consider include the form the toothpaste takes (paste, gel or spray, for example), the flavor, the price and the ingredients. The products listed below are advertised as using natural ingredients, which may be safer and healthier for your cat.

Petzlife Natural Pet Toothpaste

Petzlife Natural Toothpaste uses natural ingredients to control plaque, tartar and bad breath germs. It’s available in spray or gel form, and a salmon-flavored gel is available.

Sentry Natural Peanut Toothpaste

Sentry Natural Peanut Toothpaste uses all-natural abrasives to clean your cat’s teeth, control plaque in her mouth and combat bad breath.

St. Jon Laboratories Natural Toothpaste

St. Jon Laboratories Natural Toothpaste is a peanut-butter-flavored paste that uses natural abrasives to remove plaque from your cat's teeth.

TriplePet Toothpaste

TriplePet nonfoaming toothpaste features tartar control and tea tree oil for added gum health. This paste features natural vanilla flavoring and stevia as a sweetener.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Gel Kit for Pets

This nonfoaming gel uses natural, holistic ingredients to soothe irritated gums and kill the germs that give a cat bad breath. It also reduces plaque and tartar in your cat’s mouth with regular use.  TropicClean also offers a water additive that further aids your cat’s oral health.

How to Make Natural Cat Toothpaste

To make your own feline toothpaste at home, you will need two basic ingredients: baking soda and water. Combine 1 teaspoon of baking soda with ½ teaspoon of water and stir it until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to your cat’s teeth with a toothbrush and gently brush her teeth.