Are Natural Dog Bones Safe to Feed Your Pet?

People tend to feed natural dog bones to pets. However, these natural bones, either raw or cooked, are a potential risk to your pet's health.

Consequences of Feeding Natural Dog Bones

Dogs that eat natural bones may vomit or have diarrhea. The consumption of bones might even cause organ puncture (because of the possible bone splinters). The most severe cases of organ puncture can result in death.

Chewing on hard bones may crack or break a dog's teeth. Teeth pain is unbearable for dogs and if the tooth gets infected, this may cause other secondary health issues.

Feeding bones to a dog has been associated with cancer.

Healthy Dog Treats

If you really want to please your dog, offering treats is more than enough. You will be able to find bone-shaped treats or chew bones at any pet food store. These are healthy and nutritional for your dog.

Natural bones can cause a lot of issues and they are not even that rich in nutrients. Also, avoid feeding your dog leftovers, raw meat or animal organs. These may be a source of toxins for your dog and are far from being the optimal food for a pet. Raw meat and organs are also difficult to digest and can lead to digestive complications.