Comparing Natural/Holistic Dog Food Brands

A growing number of pet owners are considering buying natural or holistic dog food brands instead of commercial dog food. Commercial dog food often contains fillers, corn and low-grade meat and meat by-products. As we know, a higher quality of food leads to a higher quality of health.

What Constitutes Natural/Holistic Dog Food

Natural or holistic dog food companies have made a commitment to using top quality meats and not using fillers, hormones and other chemical preservatives. Brands included in the natural/holistic category are as follows.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

This company uses natural products. This means that the ingredients in this product were grown without additives. This product was designed to offer complete nutrition in an effort to prevent cancer in dogs naturally.

Eagle Pack

Eagle Pack foods contain natural ingredients, but they also contain holistic supplements designed to benefit dogs beyond what food alone can do.


Natura brand dog foods have several versions under their umbrella. They offer both natural dog foods and holistic foods, all under different names. All provide top quality ingredients without fillers and additives.

Regardless of whether you choose natural or holistic dog foods, you should introduce the food slowly to your dog by mixing some of the new food with the old. Gradually reduce the amount of old food until your dog is eating only the new. This will help your dog get used to his new natural or holistic diet.