Holistic Health Dog Food

A health dog food brand will possess more nutrients and quality ingredients than some of the mass produced products on the market. With a focus on superior ingredients, holistic companies include more proteins and nutrients over fillers and by-products in dog foods and treats.

In general, pet owners are discovering that some commercially produced pet food products may not contain the best nutritional value. Look for quality protein sources, no chemical preservatives, artificial colors or unnecessary compounds when purchasing holistic pet foods. Here are some more tips:

Dogs with Special Diets – the Grain Source

Various dog breeds require special diets due to allergies or other medical conditions. There may be a deficiency present where the dog needs a higher level of protein in his diet. Grain-free formulas are excellent for dogs with anything from sebaceous to intestinal sensitivities. A particular brand may be formulated with high levels of meat and protein and little to no grains at all. In addition, there are some foods in which the carbohydrate sources are derived from vegetables, such as potatoes or peas rather than grains.

Healthy grain sources are ones derived from whole grains and are not processed during the food production stages. There are some pet foods on the market containing grains that have been altered and lack the adequate balance of healthy proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. A more wholesome dog food is one made with farm-fresh, all natural ingredients and that has an ample amount of vitamins for high nutritional value.

Holistic Foods vs. Traditional Sources

A premium dog food brand will contain an adequate mix of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fat sources a pet needs for healthy development. Holistic pet food companies use different manufacturing techniques than standard commercial suppliers. Some owners rely on feeding their dogs table scraps to avoid fillers. However, table scraps are not a nutritionally balanced option for dogs. Leftover meats and bits of food may contain a lot of fat and possess higher sodium levels. A diet high in salt may lead to an electrolyte imbalance in dogs. Additionally, eating an over-abundance of fatty meats may cause pancreatitis in some canines.

Pet Food Companies and Quality Control

Some of the more respected pet food companies have checks and balances in place to meet tighter quality control and safety standards. This helps to preserve the natural levels of nutrients in foods and avoid any type of tainting of raw materials. When a product is certified organic this indicates the foods are healthy and all natural from a private certifying agency, or a state agency accredited by the USDA.

Holistic Foods for Essential Vitamins

Holistic foods are especially fortified with many vitamins and minerals to benefit your dog’s health. Dogs with a lack of the appropriate vitamin intake may experience weight loss or various illnesses. Food sources should have a good assortment of vitamins to support a healthy immune system, digestive health, joint mobility and growth.

Overall, health pet food brands provide a variety of options for pets with specific dietary needs, preferences and sensitivities. You can find natural and organic brands to gluten-free products.