Natural Remedies for Cat Allergies

If you suffer from cat allergies and can’t think of giving away your pet, you should consider using some natural remedies that will help you deal with your allergic reactions. While some people are allergic to cat dander, others are allergic to the cat’s saliva. The saliva contains a protein known as Fel d 1 and it’s this protein allergen that’s responsible for your allergic reactions.

After your pet grooms himself, the protein allergen is left behind on his fur and eventually get’s into your environment. However, there are several things you can do to prevent your allergic reactions from recurring.

Are You suffering from Cat Allergies?

Before you consider adopting any holistic treatment approach you need to find out if you’re really suffering from allergic reactions. Since some of the symptoms of these allergies are similar to other medical conditions it’s important to confirm the diagnosis with your doctor.

Some of the common symptoms of allergies to cats include:

These are classic allergy symptoms, so they might result from an allergy to something else. Some of the symptoms can also result from various medical conditions.

Treatment Options for Cat Allergies

If your doctor confirms that you’re suffering from allergies, you may be advised to take immunotherapy shots to regulate your immune system response. These shots work effectively when the type of allergen that triggers off the reaction is known. However, immunotherapy shots aren’t a permanent cure. The doctor may also prescribe certain antihistamines to control the symptoms of your reactions once they occur.

To avoid taking medicines frequently, you will have to make a few changes in your lifestyle. By making these changes you will also prevent yourself from suffering from the side effects of commonly prescribed antihistamines and anti-allergy drugs.

Natural Treatment Options

Instead of solely relying on medications to help you out, consider keeping your cat away from your bedding or your bedroom to reduce the presence of allergens in your environment. Vacuum and steam clean your carpets and mats periodically to maintain cleanliness and also wash your bedding every few days so that its free from all types of allergens. You could also use cat allergy sprays in your home. These sprays neutralize allergens that are present in the air.

Another important thing you must do to prevent yourself from developing allergies is to install Hepa air filters in your home. These filters will purify the air that circulates in your house.


  • Since the pet’s body releases allergens in the air, it’s best to bathe the cat and follow appropriate grooming procedures to keep the pet’s skin and coat in good condition.
  • Male pets that haven’t been neutered release higher amounts of allergens. You should therefore neuter your male pet as soon as possible.
  • Take vitamin supplements that boost your immune system function. This helps because your immune system will not overreact when it detects potential allergens.
  • Make sure that your properly ventilate your home every day and allow plenty of sunshine to enter the house.

These tips will help you to reduce the recurrence of allergic reactions. You could also consider using acupuncture or other herbal treatment options for a long term solution to your problem.