Program Flea Control for Cats

Program flea control is a product based on a solution that inhibits the insect development. Program is easy to use and it also offers reliable preventive care to your pet. The active ingredient of Program flea control is Lufenuron which prevents flea eggs from developing into larvae. Program has been proved effective in controlling flea infestation in both cats and dogs. It does not destroy adult fleas, but its results as a preventative have been proven.

Program Flea Control for Cats

Program flea control can be used in preventing flea infestation in cats. It can be administered to both kittens and adult cats and it stops the evolution of fleas from eggs to larvae. It acts as a development inhibitor.

After a treatment with Program, the cat’s body synthesizes the drug and it is secreted along with the natural oils produced by his skin; the substance makes the flea eggs sterile. It might take a few weeks for a full treatment.

If you want to make sure your cat is protected from fleas, it is recommended to continue the treatment.

Program can be used in pregnant cats without causing any harm to the unborn kittens. However, since it only acts on flea eggs, if your pet is already infested with adult fleas, you would have to use another product to get rid of them as well. The Program can be used together with other medication for flea control. It is common for veterinarians to recommend both oral medication and topical application products. Flea collars can also be used, but you should read the product label to see if the collar is compatible with what you are using.

Administration of Program Flea Control

Program flea control comes in 2 forms:

  • Tablets
  • Oral liquid suspension

Both solutions are easy to administer and you can choose between the 2, although the flavor tablets are preferred in most cases.

They are administered once a month and there are packs for 6 or 12 months administration. The pills should be administered together with food. The dosage is calculated according to the pet’s weight. You can check the manufacturer’s recommendations on the dosage or ask your veterinarian about it to make sure that you are using the proper dose for your cat.

If you own more than one pet, it is better to separate them when administering the drug just to make sure that everyone is getting the appropriate dose.

You can start administering the product before the flea season, or you can just do it all year round.

Warnings of Program Flea Control Use

Given its preventative properties, you should not rely on Program for flea treatment. The product prevents the insects from multiplying, but it does not fight adult fleas.

If your cat is exposed to fleas, remember that he is not protected from getting infested with adult fleas.

The product is designed for fleas so it does not work on ticks.

Generally it does not interact with other drugs, but if your cat undergoes another type of treatment, check with your veterinarian.