Organic Vitamins for Dogs

Organic vitamins for your dog are some of the best ways to keep your pet happy and healthy for many years. Although many dog foods contain a good mixture of different nutrients to support your pet's health, others do not. Additionally, factors may play into the loss of nutrients from prepared dog food, making it not as healthy as it would be otherwise for your pet. Therefore, it's a good idea to work with your vet to come up with a general plan of how to ensure that your dog gets all of the necessary nutrients that he needs for proper bodily functions and health. Organic vitamins are one of the best ways to achieve these goals.

Organic Vitamins Overview

Vitamins are responsible for facilitating and aiding in a huge number of different chemical reactions that are necessary in your pet's body. Without adequate vitamins of different types, your pet may suffer some sort of negative consequences. Figuring out how to give your pet a healthy dosage of the vitamins that he needs requires that you be familiar with any nutritional deficiencies that he has.

While vitamin C is a very common ingredient in vitamin supplements for humans, it should not be required for most dogs. A healthy dog will naturally produce enough vitamin C in his own system in order to maintain his bodily functions and support his immune system. Otherwise, dogs do require a mixture of both fat soluble and water soluble vitamins.

Selecting Organic Vitamins

Organic vitamins contain nutrients that are derived from natural sources and which are not bound together with preservatives, chemical fillers or coloring agents. Your pet will receive only the simple, unadulterated vitamin content that he needs to be healthy in these cases. For this reason, many pet owners prefer to give their dogs organic vitamins and supplements instead of the standard form of these nutrients.

Good Organic Vitamins for Your Pet

Vitamins B5 and niacin are the two nutrients that your pet will likely require the most of. Even a minute amount of these vitamins will be sufficient to support most dogs. Beware when you're planning on a type of vitamin supplement to give to your dog, because some vitamins can build up in your pet's system and may cause him some health problems. Fat soluble vitamins, including Vitamins A, D, E and K are all potentially harmful to your dog's body. In fact, if you give your pet too much of these vitamins they can actually become toxic and even fatal. Other vitamins, like vitamin B, niacin, riboflavin and others, will not cause your pet any of these potential problems because they are water soluble. The excess vitamin material will be flushed out of your dog's body.

Ask your vet for additional information as to how to best go about providing your dog with a set of organic vitamins for his overall health.