The 5 Best Daily Canine Vitamins

If you want to administer canine vitamins to your pet you need to administer vitamins that are suited to your dog’s unique needs. If the pet is suffering from an underlying illness he may benefit from certain vitamins over others. Before administering any vitamins, it’s best to conduct a vet check to assess the dog’s overall condition. Also discuss the benefits of administering additional vitamins with the vet.

If the dog has a well balanced diet, he may not require additional vitamin supplements. This is because the body will simply eliminate vitamins that are in excess. The dog may also develop a condition termed as vitamin toxicity which generally occurs when then pet is given very large amounts of vitamins on a daily basis.

Are Vitamins Necessary?

Vitamins benefit your dog when they’re given in the right amounts. The most common types of vitamins that are required by the dog’s body are Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and K. They also require Omega 3 fatty acids.

These vitamins promote healthy metabolism and have anti-inflammatory properties. They help maintain proper vision and promote bone strength. Since vitamin toxicity only occurs in rare instances, vitamins should be administered to the pet because they increase the dog’s quality of life and build a stronger immune system.  

The Best Vitamin

If the dog is suffering from a specific health concern like cholesterol or an immune suppressive disease the best vitamin for him would be one that treats the underlying health condition. If the pet is in good health, with any any specific health issues, you should administer any multi-vitamin that’s formulated for use in pets. Although there are several commercially available vitamins, some of them are recommended for use by pet owners.

Here are 5 vitamins that benefit dogs:

1. Pet-Tabs

Pet-Tabs contain a combination of 18 vitamins and minerals. It helps to meet the daily dietary needs of every pet. Since the tablets are flavored, they’re highly palatable.

2. Super VitaChews Soft Chews

These are chewable tablets that promote brain, eye, liver and heart health. Each tablet contains over 20 vitamins and minerals. Several pet owners prefer administering this product to their pets.

3. Nutri-Cal

Nutri-Cal not only contains vitamins, but it also contains additional ingredients that help dogs suffering from weight loss and immune related disorders.

4. Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Pet

Nordic Naturals contains fish oil. It helps to meet the dog’s recommended daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.

5 Brewers Yeast

This product contains a combination of zinc and garlic. It promotes good skin and coat and reduces shedding to a great extent. It also contain several others ingredients like B complex, Lysine and Tryptophan.

Tips for Pet Owners

Since most dog food products contain vitamins and minerals in varying amounts you should read food labels to find out if your pet’s food lacks any particular vitamin, mineral or essential fatty acid. You should also read and follow the instructions given on the vitamin package you buy, in order to safely administer the vitamins to your pet.

Avoid giving your pet any vitamins that are formulated for use in humans. Besides this, you should also regularly exercise the pet and take him for routine vet checks to rule out health conditions.

Since your dog relies on you for support, work with the vet to establish a proper diet and nutrition plan to meet the needs of your pet’s body.