Poodle Grooming Tips

Poodle grooming may seem like a lot of effort, but with a little time spent each day, you can keep your poodle well-groomed and happy. Here are some tips to make poodle grooming easier.

Get Your Dog Used to Grooming Early

Make sure you establish a grooming routine for your puppy as soon as you bring him home. If you are adopting an older dog, ask about his previous routine and try to accommodate that if you can, or, if not, try to ease your new dog into a full routine as quickly as possible. Once your dog trusts you, he should look forward to grooming as it gives you a chance to make a fuss over him.

Get your puppy or dog used to the clippers slowly, as the noise may frighten him at first. If you try to use them on him while he is frightened, you may scare him so that he'll never want to submit to be groomed again.

Use Sharp Clippers

If you are trimming your poodle's fur yourself, make sure you use sharp clippers or you could hurt your dog. Dull clippers will leave a "burn" on your dog's skin, which can also make him less likely to want to be groomed. Inspect your poodle's skin when you groom him, looking for dry skin, parasites like fleas or ticks, or any other anomaly.

Brush Your Poodle Every Day

Brushing your dog every day will help to remove old hair and dirt from his coat. If you leave too long between brushing, the hair can become tangled or matted and more difficult to brush.

Regularly use a flea comb after brushing your poodle. Poodles have such thick coats it can be difficult to see if they are carrying fleas and any infestation should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Clip Your Pet Poodle

If you aren't participating with your poodle in dog shows, consider giving him an easy care clip. Go to a professional dog groomer for the first one, and note where they clip so you can maintain it yourself at home. Traditional dog show clips can take a lot of work to maintain, some estimate over 10 hours per week, and your dog will end up suffering if you can't keep that schedule.

Remember to clip the hair around your poodle's face, tail and feet. Clipping around the face stops food from being trapped there, and clipping around the tail is also for hygiene reasons. Clipping around your poodle's feet can make it easier for your poodle to walk and run and will reduce the amount of mud they track into the house.

Check Your Poodle's Ears

Remember to check your dog's ears at least every week. Poodles have long, droopy ears which can be prone to infection or parasites. If you notice redness, swelling or discharge from the ear, get your poodle checked by a vet.

Establishing a good routine, and brushing regularly will help you to maintain your poodle's lovely coat. Poodle grooming can be a lengthy task, but your poodle will thank you for it.